Match Report Week 2

Table tennis new season Match two


Premier Division

Ping Panthers team with Marc Burman, Tomas Pomej and Sam Clarke jump into the number one spot with the only 10-0 win in the second match of the season.
If Panthers kept the same players each week they could be unbeaten this season. Game Changers with Michael Day, Costas Kynacou and Fawzi Yousif who despite top players in their own right had no answer to Panthers trebles. 

White Lines paid the price of only having two players and went down 9-1 to Hang Em High. Including the walkovers it was three apiece for Andrew Sharland and John Strang and two for Michael Bridger with the doubles going to Michael Bridger and Andrew Sharland. For White Lines Sally Hughes was the only star in the sky in defeating Michael Bridger in fours sets. 

Dynamos did well to defeat newcomers Dark Horses 9-1. Trebles for Dennis Hayden, Richard Cosens and Richard Caddy. For Dark Horses Ben Freeman and Ross Knowlson were pleased to defeat Richard Caddy and Dennis Hayden in the doubles. 

Assassin’s team with Keigo Burnham, Ben Worley and David Champneys dropped a point in defeating St Andrews 7-3. A treble for Keigo Burnham, two for Ben Worley plus one for David Champneys (who had to play with a strange bat.) Keigo Burnham and Ben Worley took the doubles over Terry Dean and Michael Robinson. For St Andrews Michael Robinson won two and Terry Dean one.


With many new strong players in the premier it will be a tough exciting season for all players.

Division One 

Spin Masters with senior Claudio Bagaini and two juniors Riccardo Bagaini and Tommy Worley are a team to look out for with a five all result this week over One Hit Wonders.


The only treble of the evening came from One Hit Wonders Bob Hoare who with Frank Hanley also won the doubles. Frank Hanley won one to help his team to the draw. For Spin Masters it was two wins each for Riccardo Bagaini and Tommy Worley with one for Claudio Bagaini. 

Maximum points with an 8-2 win for Lindfield Thunderbolts over X Men. A Treble each for Jeff Triggs and Jim Griffin with one for Vincent L’Estrange. Jim Griffin and Jeff Triggs sealed max points in winning the doubles. For X Men a win each for Tom Christophersen and Peter Dunsby. 

Thanks to a treble from John Bridger, two from Darius Mayhew plus one from Jim Allum, Mavericks came home 6-4 winners over Happy Days. For Happy Days two from Guest player Tony Turk plus one from Samantha Stoner with Samantha and Tony also winning the doubles.


Division Two 

A treble from Smashing Pumpkins guest player Tony Pells plus one from Oliver Howard and Matt Stevens with Tony and Matt winning the doubles helped Pumpkins to a 6-4 win over Swifts. For Swifts it was two for both Claudia Hough and Emily Dunsby. Third player nine year old Chloe Robinson played with great maturity for a young age and will improve as the season progresses.  

Pingwins will make the most of a 9-1 win over Mad Bashers as the three juniors of Bashers Johnny Griffin, Josh Cole and Arthur Sharland will not lose so easily as the season moves forward. For Pingwins it was three each for Rupert Browning and Paul Lewis with Oliver Cattermole winning two. Rupert and Oliver went on to win the doubles. For Mad Bashers Johnny Griffiths won one but Johnny will be a junior to look out for in future matches. 

A 10-0 win was the result for Blade Runners over a two man team of New Avengers. Including walkovers it was three each plus the doubles for Blade Runners Annick Lieutaud, Keith Johnson and Malcolm Norwood.

Brian Taite
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