St Michaels have withdrawn from the League

I have been advised that, unfortunately, St. Michaels have had to withdraw from the Hemel League, with immediate effect, due to an ongoing ability to raise a team - a combination of a couple of players dropping out of their regular squad, plus injuries to a couple more, meaning they would regularly have been unable to field a team, especially bearing in mind clashes with other matches for their players.

As such, with immediate effect, they are no longer in the Hemel League, with the result from the one match they played being "expunged" from the records. This leaves Division 1 with just seven teams, and the League with 22 Teams and with nine Clubs.

It's a shame, as they had become the clear third ranked team in the League, challenging the traditional 'big two', but unfortunately they could not find any additional players to be able to cover their fixtures.

*Provisionally*, it *may* mean that at the end of this season / start of next season, only one team will be relegated from Division 1, so as to restore the number of Division 1 teams to eight, *BUT*, this assumes that there are no other changes to the Teams entering next season that will affect things, so the team finishing second from last (6th) could still end up being relegated?

Author: via Hemel Hempstead Table Tennis League
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