Under the new League scoring system, instead of one point for each set won, the winning team will be awarded 10 points regardless of the winning margin.  So whether the score is 10-0 or 6-4 the winning team will get 10 points.

The losing team will get one point for each set won, as before. 

5 points will be given to each team for a draw, as before. 

So the only difference is in the number of points awarded to the winning team.

If the winning team has only 2 players, they will be awarded 7 points instead of 10.  

(This will show as a Points Adjustment in the column headed PA)

If at the end of the season more than one team in a division has the same number of points, the final ranking will be determined by the total number of sets won.

Individual player and doubles rankings will not be affected by the new system.

This website is set up to calculate team rankings automatically based on the new scoring system.  It seems that we are the only league using this exact system and a new method had to be written specially for us, so thank you Chris Dangerfield!

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