Herefordshire County Table Tennis Championships

Veteran, Junior and Cadet Day


Twenty four veteran players, four junior and eight cadet players took part in the County Table Tennis Championship on Sunday at Queen Elizabeth's College, Bromyard on Sunday 15th February.


All the events were started in groups before entering the last eight or four positions for the closing rounds.  All the finals will be played on 27th March on Finals Night when the senior competitors will also be playing.


In the Veteran event there were six seeded players and all but one of them won through to the quarter final stage where they were joined by two players from repachage groups – Paul Oatley and Lincoln Franklin.   In the quarter-final Franklin lost to No.1 seed and title holder, Mark Owen by 4, 10 and 9 and Oatley lost to No 2 seed Andy Castle by 4, 4 and 5.

No.3 seed, Nigel Foreshew, met Jon Allen (6) and had a really tough battle  but eventually Allen won by -9. 9, 11, -6 and 5.  At the same stage Trevor Davies (5) played unseeded Steve Brown, with Brown winning by -18, 5, 11 and 5.  In the semi-finals Owen beat Brown by 3, 9, 6 and Castle beat Allen by 7, 4 and 7.


The Restricted Veteran groups again saw the seeded players win through with the exception of Steve Knight (2) who was ill.  The No 1 seed had won his group but had to withdraw due to an injury so unseeded player Simon Morgan had a walk over. Oatley (3) beat Brown (5) by 11, 5 and 7. Harry Jutle (4) beat John Hunt by 5, 4 and 4 and Colin Dolding beat Anthea Knight (both unseeded) by -6, 6, 9, -8 and 4.  Jutle won the semi-final by 9, 6 and 8 and Brown won by 6, 7, -5 and 5.


The three seeded players in the event for the over 60’s all won through to the semi-final stage.  It was then that Trevor Davies (1) was beaten by unseeded Bob Marshall by 9, -7, 3 & 11 and Brian Kitchener beat Oatley (2) by 13, -6, 4 and 3.


In the Doubles the seeded pairs won through in all three groups and were joined there by repechage winners, Harry Jutle and Jon Allen.   In the semi-finals Mark Owen and Andy Castle won by 7, 5, -7 and 5 against Allen and Jutle, while Nigel Foreshew and Lincoln Franklin (2) lost to Kitchener and Brown (3) -14, 12,  7 and 6 in probably the best match of the day.


The winners who will be playing in the Cadet finals in March will be Jake Price and Ben Allen and Junior finalists will be Matt Knight and Jake Price.  The Junior Handicap Doubles were won by Matt Knight and Joseph Jones and the runners up were Ben Allen and Rob Lyon.


The Senior events will be on March 22nd , again at Queen Elizabeth College, with play starting at 8 a.m. because of the increase in the number of players who have entered.   Play will be continuous throughout the day.  Spectators are welcome and admission is free.

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