Hereford Cadets Top Group after round 3

Hereford Cadets travelled to Wood Green for week 3 of the National Cadets League on 5th March 2016.  This was the first week of the final groups and we were seeded second in the top group after 2 excellent earlier rounds.

The team comprised Jake Price, Kyle Day and making his debut at this level, Archie Beresford.

Our first game was against Burton Girls (who had one boy playing, who I felt slightly sorry for).  We had an excellent start with a 6-0 win including a very good win against a strong cadet girl for Archie.

Next up was Burton boys, a tougher game.  First game Kyle had an excellent win against their number one, from 2-0 and 10-7 down in the third, showing how well he can play when he remains calm and focused.  Archie found things harder, losing both games in 4.  We finished with a 3-3 draw after Jake lost to their number one in a topsy-turvy match 3-2.  This was a slightly disappointing result, but it proved to be the kick we needed to start playing better.

We then beat Colebridge 4-2.  Jake and Kyle won both their games including a good win against the number one who has a good record against both of them.  Both of them went to 5 before beating the number one from Colebridge.

Wood Green was the next match, which we also won 4-2 with Kyle and Jake winning 2 each again.  Archie was unlucky to lose in 5 to their third player in a very exciting game where both players were very positive and there were some very exciting rallies.

Our last match was against Draycott A who were the top seeds.  We started this match really well with Kyle beating their number one in 3 straight and Jake also winning 3-0 against an exceptionally good 9 year old.  Archie stepped up and beat a very good top 50 girl cadet player 3-1.  We won this match 5-1 and this was definitely the match of the day for us.

This was an excellent performance overall and leaves us with 22 points.  Colebridge on 18 and Draycott on 17 are our closest rivals with one more round to go.

Kyle and Jake were excellent with 10 and 9 wins respectively;  Jake plays as number one so has the hardest run of matches.  Archie also did well in his first competition at this level against much more experienced players, with 3 wins and some good performances.

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