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Hereford Table Tennis League

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Official Handbook 2018-19

Founded 1947
Affiliated to T.T.E.

O. G. Newcombe

Vice Presidents
R. J. Owens, F. N. Hodges, Mrs M. B. Newcombe, S. Watkins, A. D. Brown,
R. Allsebrook, J. Clarke, H. Jutle, E. A. Andrews.


Brian Kitchener

Vice Chairman
Andy Castle


General Secretary
Rosemary Chatterton
01600 891308

Alex Aston

Match Secretary

Martin Gwilt
01885 410343  

Welfare Officer

Jon Allen


Committee Members
John Bacon, Huan Davies, David Gwilt, Richard Owens.


National Umpires
Harry Jutle

Dave Gough

Herefordshire T.T.E. National Councillor
Harry Jutle




The League shall be called the “Hereford Table Tennis League” and shall not be conducted for profit.
The League shall be affiliated to Table Tennis England. The objects of the League are as

1.To foster and promote organised Table Tennis.
2.To use its influence towards obtaining better facilities for the game.

Upon dissolution of the League any income or property remaining shall not be distributed among the members but be devoted to a Society with similar aims, or to a philanthropic or charitable purpose.


The League shall have a President and Vice-presidents and shall be governed by an Executive Committee which shall consist of a Chairman, Hon. General Secretary, Hon Treasurer, Hon Match Secretary and at least 6 other members.  On any matter of policy the committee co-opt additional members if necessary to ensure that all Divisions of the League are represented. All officers shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election. The committee shall, whenever possible, co-opt members to fill interim Committee vacancies due to resignations during the season until the following AGM.  Any member of the Committee who fails to attend three consecutive meetings without just cause shall automatically be regarded as having resigned. The business of the Executive Committee may be transacted by not less than five members.


The annual team subscription and league player registration fees shall be proposed and set at the AGM.
In addition, the TTE Individual Registration Fee will be set at the TTE AGM and shall be paid by all Senior and Junior players through their nominated primary league. Junior players registered for the Senior League will pay 60% of the player registration fee for that season. A guarantee fee of £5.00 shall be lodged with the Treasurer by each team against fulfilment of its obligations to the League of which the whole (or balance for teams in default) shall be refunded, except for teams renewing membership for the following season, when the amount shall be credited against the Guarantee Fee for that season.
Players registered after 31st December shall pay half the league player registration fee for that season.
No team shall be accepted into membership whose fees, etc., have not been paid in full. Each team shall pay £3.00 towards providing personal accident coverage for its members.

3.1 A junior team shall be any number of junior players and, for the explicit purpose of promoting the participation of young players, may include a senior player for League fixtures but not Handicap competitions. The total League subscription, junior League registration and insurance shall be £30.00 plus 50% of the League registration fee for a senior player where applicable. The TTE Individual Registration Fee must be paid in full for all Junior and Senior players before they play in the League.
Once a player has played for a team he may not play for another team (except by Rule 15) unless transferred (Rule 17). The senior player may register for a senior team in a higher division at the senior registration fee rate.


The Officers shall be elected annually at a General Meeting which shall ordinarily be held at the close of the season. The Hon. General Secretary shall give at least 14 days’ notice of the Meeting to the President, Vice-Presidents, Officers, Committee Members and Club and Team Co-ordinators, together with an agenda and itemised proposals. At an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting during his term, an officer shall have voting power, except in the matter of his own election, and each team which has completed its fixtures during the previous season shall be entitled to send one delegate with voting power, but delegates cannot represent more than one team. Teams failing to secure representation at any General Meeting shall be fined £5.00. At the Annual General Meeting the Hon.Treasurer shall present accounts for a period of 12 months ending 31st March in the current season, (with one season’s accounts covering a period of 11 months to allow for adjustment.).  An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Executive Committee or at the written request of one third of the affiliated Clubs.


The rules governing equipment, dress, and match play shall be those currently published by Table Tennis England as applicable to Leagues, Clubs, etc., including permitted local variations as decided by the Executive Committee.


The Executive Committee shall determine the number and composition of Divisions in the League for the season, and shall draw up and publish, on the League website, a Fixture List for all Divisions.
The Fixture List shall determine the number of occasions each team shall play every other team in the same Division, alternating either home or away in sequence whenever two teams meet each other.
Matches will take place as programmed in the Fixture List, on the match day of the home team.

6.1 Permitted rearrangement of matches:

By mutual agreement between the teams involved a match may be:
a.  Brought forward
b.  Played at the away team’s venue
c.  Played at a neutral venue

The League Match Secretary must be informed of any such change.

A team wishing to postpone a match shall be within its right to do so, provided that their opponents receive a clear 2 days' notice.  The team responsible for postponement must advise the Match Secretary within 24 hours of the original fixture date by email and also of the revised date when it is fixed.  (Notification is not required when the alteration date means that the match will be played earlier than the original date.)  Postponed matches must be played within 42 days of the original date.  Relaxation of this rule will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances.  Non-availability of a player is not considered an exceptional circumstance.

6.2 Unplayed matches:

The committee shall award points for matches unplayed. Teams will be informed of the date by which all matches must be played.


In all Divisions matches shall consist of 9 singles played by 3 single players, and one set of doubles to be played by any two members registered for the team.


In all divisions games must be played in accordance with the sequence on the score card in which the doubles shall be last in sequence. If a player is not available to play in the correct sequence the game will be awarded to the opponent. The Home Team Captain shall first nominate the order of play of his team and the Visiting Captain shall then number off his team accordingly.


Sets shall be won by the player winning three out of five games to 11 points, and matches by the team winning the majority of sets.

Winning team awarded 10 points for a win, whether it is 6-4, 7-3, 8-2, 9-1, or 10-0. For a draw each team awarded 5 points. The losing team is awarded the number of sets won.

For a winning team of 2 players only 7 points will be awarded for 6-4, or 7-3.

The position of teams in the division tables shall be governed by the number of points won. Where two or more teams in the same division have the same number of points, their position shall be determined by the number of matches won. 

In the event of teams winning the same number of matches their positions shall be determined by the number of matches lost.

In the event of a tie on the number of matches won, drawn and lost, the teams shall play a deciding match.


 Matches normally start at 7.30 p.m., but may start later if indicated on the website or by mutual agreement. 

Premises are to be opened for pre-match practice at least 20 minutes before the normal or
agreed starting time. Any player who arrives after 8.30pm or half an hour after the start time of the match (whichever is the later), unless previously agreed, forfeits his/her games.   

Matches not started on time may be reported to the Executive Committee and persistent offenders penalised match points.


Any team forfeiting a match will be fined £5.00. The committee will consider all the circumstances of teams forfeiting more than two matches in a season. The Committee shall have discretion on deciding:

a.  Whether such teams shall be considered as withdrawn from the League and all competitions and
b.  Whether their results should be deleted from League Tables. Subsequent action will be taken in accordance with Rule 3.


The Captain of the home team shall post or email the fully completed match card to the Divisional Match Secretary within 24 hours of match completion. Cards received with a postmark date later than 2 days after the match will incur a £5.00 fine.


The Umpire for each set shall be agreed upon mutually. In the event of a dispute as to who shall score, the Visiting Captain shall name the scorer. THE UMPIRE’S DECISION IS FINAL.


At the beginning of the playing season, and in any case not later than 1st August of each year, the Hon. General Secretary will issue invitations to former and new clubs and teams to compete in the ensuing season, and will stipulate the latest date by which applications must be returned.

The invitations will specify that “home nights” for teams entering the League shall not be Saturday or Sunday, and, further, no match shall be played on these days except by mutual agreement by the teams involved.

Such applications are to be issued at least three weeks before the closing date.

The Executive Committee will meet within three days of the closing date, and draw up the divisions of the League only from those applications which were received by the closing date and were accompanied by the appropriate fees, unless an extra division is formed.

If 2 divisions, 2 teams will be automatically promoted and 2 teams will be automatically relegated at the end of the season.  If 3 divisions, the bottom team of both div 1 and div 2 will be automatically relegated and the top team of both div 2 and div 3 will be automatically promoted.  If requested by any of the relevant teams, a playoff must be arranged and played at the lower team's home venue, within 2 weeks of the end of the league season(except in exceptional circumstances agreed by the match secretary.)  Result of this match will determine whether the next to bottom/next to top teams should be relegated/promoted.  (ie. next to bottom of higher division should play next to top of lower division to determine whether they swap divisions.) In the event of a draw there is no automatic relegation/promotion.

Other promotion or relegation will be at the discretion of the league committee who shall take account of the strength, potential and wishes of such teams.

Exceptionally, other teams may be considered for inclusion in the League, but may be subject to a levy not exceeding £10 to cover additional administrative costs.


A player may play up as a substitute for a higher ranked player in the same club, whether in the same division or a higher division, on 5 occasions each season, and still remain eligible to play for the team for which he originally registered.  On the 6th occasion, the club will incur a fine of £5.00 for playing an ineligible player, and the player will become suspended for the remainder of the season, unless transferred to another team under the terms set out in Rule 17 below.

To make this possible, clubs with more than one team will be required to rank all their players at the start of the season, across and regardless of divisions.  This ranking will be fixed for the duration of that season and used only for the purpose of allowing play up. 

A player is only eligible to play for another team if ranked lower than the highest ranked (unavailable) player of the team playing that match.  To avoid tactical ranking of players, each club's rankings will be subject to approval by the handicap committee at the start of the season. 


The Executive Committee shall decide the format for Handicap Competitions for each season, and appoint a subcommittee of not less than three members, to include the Divisional Match Secretary, to administer the competitions, and decide handicaps for each match. A draw shall take place for each round, and the first team drawn for each match shall be the home team, whose Co-ordinator will be provided with details of access to match card and the handicap, with the method used as deemed suitable by the committee. All teams eliminated in their first matches shall be placed collectively in a “plate” competition to be similarly administered.

Dates for each round shall be published in the League programme, and teams involved notified at least seven days before each round.

A team which fails to play its first match will not be ineligible for entry into the Plate Competitions. Teams failing to complete their matches by the final date specified for a round shall be considered to have withdrawn from the Competition, except if clearly not at fault, or if a special circumstance occurs.

Where practicable, results will be media publicised. In all team handicap competitions the handicap shall be unknown until the end of each match, and the points awarded then added to the appropriate team score.  When both teams aggregate an equal number of points, the team with the lesser or nil handicap will be the winner.


No player shall be eligible to play in a League game until that player’s League and TTE registrations have received the approval of the Match Secretary or General Secretary.  The cut-off date for registration is 31st December. Players may not be registered after the 31st December except in exceptional circumstances and with the approval of any two of the Chairman, Match Secretary or General Secretary, and the registration fee must be received  before the player is eligible to play.  No player may be registered for more than one club or team at a time (except as in Rule 3.1.)  If a player desires to transfer from one club or team to another he shall make a personal written application to the Match Secretary or General Secretary and shall pay a further fee of £2.00 if the transfer is granted. Any team playing an unregistered or otherwise ineligible player shall be fined £5.00 and the player’s games in all matches prior to correct registration reckoned as lost.


All protests regarding Fixtures or Match play shall be made to the Match Secretary in writing within seven days, and a copy sent to the opponents concerned. All other appeals or protests to the General Secretary.


These Rules shall be binding on all members, and no alterations shall be made except by a General Meeting of the League. Proposals for alteration or addition must be submitted by published date agreed by Executive Committee and circulated, by the Hon. General Secretary to members, at least one month before the General Meeting.
Alternatives to such proposals must be submitted at least 18 days before the Meeting, and all proposals shall be included in the agenda for the Meeting.


In the event of any matter or question arising which is not provided for in these rules, it will be dealt with by the Executive Committee.


The Executive Committee shall, at an annual ceremony, to be arranged at the end of each season, present, for all competitions as decided, such permanent trophies in procession or purchased, together with mementoes, to registered team members who have played at least 3 matches for winning teams and runners up, or for Handicap awards, to registered team members who have played at least one handicap match for winning teams.

Mementoes uncollected by the start of the following season shall be appropriated by the Executive Committee for other official use.

The Executive Committee shall, at this ceremony, make such other awards, together with mementoes, as are within its jurisdiction.


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