Horsham Central League 2016-17 Week 3

Week 3 Report

Spooky coincidence, or intervention from the spirit world?! Unlikely, but all final scores were 5-4 in the most competitive week of play yet! 

Storrington5-4Horsham Spinners21/10/16
Crawley5-4Horsham C21/10/16
Horsham A5-4Horsham B21/10/16


A brace for both Keith and Ian from Storrington, backed up by a single from James was enough to edge a win over Horsham Spinners. The pimples of the Horsham Spinners Terence created a goulish experience for his opponents, which helped him secure three wins for his team. With more conventional rubbers, the Storrington team had a less hellish time, and only lost one other game to Ed. 5-4 to Storrington.

In the Crawley vs Horsham C match, there were some sweet performances on both teams. Christopher Goodier led the way for Horsham C with three wins. The first game against Connor was closely contested, Christopher eventually carving a comfortable margin for a win in the fifth. Connor subsequently secured two wins, and although Chris Goddard did his best to halt his progress, Connor claimed this victory after 11-9 in the fifth in this match. Ahmad will be pleased to register his first two wins his attacking play deserves. John Jasper and Chris Goddard came away with a win each. James was unable to add to the Horsham tally this time,  5-4 to Crawley.

The Horsham A vs Horsham B saw three matches go to five games, with some boo-tiful table tennis rallies and shots seen. Mark Weston claimed three wins, and had enough oomph to take the win from Tat after some close games. Jacob added to the 'A' team score with two wins. Some good determination saw Jacob over the line against Harry, in a match that might have gone either way. Jacob had another match that went the distance against Tat, although the result went the other way this time. Seb did not register a win this time, but showed good character in the five games against Harry, just losing the last game 9-11. Kai registered a single win, but the Horsham A team took the overall match 5-4.


1Horsham Spinners3201189
2Horsham A32011611
4Horsham B31111412
6Horsham C3012818


NameTeamPlayedWinsLosses% win
Owen BrownHorsham Spinners330100.0%
Will MichellHorsham Spinners330100.0%
Sam WattsHorsham Spinners330100.0%
Terrence RowsonHorsham Spinners330100.0%
Linus LiHorsham B54180.0%
Keith AndersonStorrington97277.8%
Mark WestonHorsham A97277.8%
Harry YipHorsham B64266.7%
Jacob EvansHorsham A96366.7%
Tat-On ManHorsham B32166.7%
Ian TalmadgeStorrington32166.7%
Ed CozensHorsham Spinners95455.6%
Connor HerbertCrawley95455.6%
Nicko OwenHorsham C21150.0%
Christopher GoodierHorsham C84450.0%
James AndersonStorrington94544.4%
Seb DunkleyHorsham A93633.3%
Melissa BerryCrawley31233.3%
Kai DamalieHorsham B62433.3%
Morgan RochaCrawley31233.3%
John JasperCrawley31233.3%
Ahmad HumaydeCrawley92722.2%
Will PallisterHorsham Spinners61516.7%
Jack HallumsStorrington61516.7%
Christopher GoddardHorsham C61516.7%
Oscar PerkinsHorsham B2020.0%
James MunslowHorsham C6060.0%




Horsham Central League - Table Tennis Score CardDate :21/10/2016
NoHome Team: StorringtonWonResultNoAway Team: Horsham SpinnersWon
1Keith Anderson2HomeAway1Ed Cozens1
2James Anderson1542Will Pallister0
3Ian Talmadge23Terrence Rowson3
Home TeamAway TeamGame ScoreMatch Score
Match OrderStorringtonHorsham Spinners12345HomeAway
11 v 1Keith AndersonEd Cozens8-1111-911-711-510
22 v 2James AndersonWill Pallister11-611-611-720
33 v 3Ian TalmadgeTerrence Rowson12-108-119-118-1121
42 v 1James AndersonEd Cozens3-1110-1212-106-1122
51 v 3Keith AndersonTerrence Rowson11-611-59-116-115-1123
63 v 2Ian TalmadgeWill Pallister11-511-711-333
72 v 3James AndersonTerrence Rowson1-113-116-1134
83 v 1Ian TalmadgeEd Cozens11-812-107-114-1111-944
91 v 2Keith AndersonWill Pallister11-311-111-554
Horsham Central League - Table Tennis Score CardDate :21/10/2016
NoHome Team: CrawleyWonResultNoAway Team: Horsham CWon
1Connor Herbert2HomeAway1Christopher Goodier3
2Ahmad Humayde2542Chris Goddard1
3John Jasper13James Munslow0
Home TeamAway TeamGame ScoreMatch Score
Match OrderCrawleyHorsham C12345HomeAway
11 v 1Connor HerbertChristopher Goodier11-79-117-1111-83-1101
22 v 2Ahmad HumaydeChris Goddard11-89-1115-1313-1111
33 v 3John JasperJames Munslow11-511-512-1021
42 v 1Ahmad HumaydeChristopher Goodier10-1211-93-113-1122
51 v 3Connor HerbertJames Munslow11-411-711-932
63 v 2John JasperChris Goddard5-1111-38-117-1133
72 v 3Ahmad HumaydeJames Munslow11-411-611-43
83 v 1John JasperChristopher Goodier3-111-113-1144
91 v 2Connor HerbertChris Goddard11-89-118-1112-1011-954
Horsham Central League - Table Tennis Score CardDate :



NoHome Team: Horsham AWonResultNoAway Team: Horsham BWon
1Mark Weston3HomeAway1Tat-On Man2
2Jacob Evans2542Harry Yip1
3Seb Dunkley03Kai Damalie1
Home TeamAway TeamGame ScoreMatch Score
Match OrderHorsham AHorsham B12345HomeAway
11 v 1Mark WestonTat-On Man11-96-1113-1113-1110
22 v 2Jacob EvansHarry Yip12-109-118-1111-911-620
33 v 3Seb DunkleyKai Damalie5-113-1110-1221
42 v 1Jacob EvansTat-On Man11-55-118-1111-84-1122
51 v 3Mark WestonKai Damalie11-411-311-432
63 v 2Seb DunkleyHarry Yip7-1115-139-1111-49-1133
72 v 3Jacob EvansKai Damalie11-111-411-843
83 v 1Seb DunkleyTat-On Man4-119-116-1144
91 v 2Mark WestonHarry Yip11-911-311-454


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