Horsham Central League 2016-17 - First Half Results and Winners

Well done to all the players in the League - some good competitive play, and a chance for all to develop.

With all teams having played each other twice, the winning team were Horsham Spinners - congratulations! The team demonstrated a strong standard of play over ten sessions. 


End of Phase 1 and 2
1Horsham Spinners108026525
2Horsham A108025634
4Horsham B103163948
6Horsham C102172949



Player Averages to Week 10
NameTeamPlayedWinsLosses% win
Will MichellHorsham Spinners660100.0%
Terrence RowsonHorsham Spinners330100.0%
Owen BrownHorsham Spinners2322195.7%
Mark WestonHorsham A2624292.3%
Sam WattsHorsham Spinners97277.8%
Jacob EvansHorsham A2620676.9%
Ed CozensHorsham Spinners2921872.4%
Keith AndersonStorrington2820871.4%
Tat-On ManHorsham B1913668.4%
Ian TalmadgeStorrington32166.7%
Harry YipHorsham B2013765.0%
Linus LiHorsham B1711664.7%
Connor HerbertCrawley158753.3%
Nicko OwenHorsham C21150.0%
Christopher GoodierHorsham C25121348.0%
Morgan RochaCrawley156940.0%
James AndersonStorrington28111739.3%
Kai DamalieHorsham B1871138.9%
George GrayCrawley31233.3%
Ayad HumaydeCrawley31233.3%
Ahmad HumaydeCrawley2471729.2%
Jack HallumsStorrington2571828.0%
John JasperCrawley123925.0%
Melissa BerryCrawley123925.0%
Chris GoddardHorsham C2451920.8%
Seb DunkleyHorsham A2962320.7%
Will PallisterHorsham Spinners1731417.6%
James MunslowHorsham C150150.0%
Oscar PerkinsHorsham B8080.0%
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