Sussex Circuit Crawley October 2013
Anish Annihilates the
There was quite a small entry into this event, mainly due to the fact many
regular circuit players were taking part in the 2 Star in the same venue that
day. Because of the small no.s and due to the fact that the exact standard of
many of the players was unknown, it was decided to only have one band for both
morning and afternoon sessions. As usual though, players still got plenty of
Morning Session:
The morning was a group of nine players with all playing all. Ten-year-old
Anish Padalkar of Horsham Spinners TTC was the favourite for the event & he
didn’t disappoint, winning seven of his matches to top the group. He did lose to
Estoban Riofrio (Northolt) 11-8 in the fifth game, but despite James Bracey
(Lancing TTC) also ending up with seven victories, it was Padalkar who claimed
the gold, as he had beaten Bracey. Riofrio got six wins, as did Callum Thompson
(Rosehill TTC), who clinched the bronze medal, as he defeated Riofrio. Bracey
had beaten Thompson in the decider. In fifth place was Anna Blackwell (Brighton
City TTC).
Afternoon Session:
The afternoon consisted of two groups of seven players. Padalkar continued
his good form to top his group, this time winning all of his matches. Bracey was
second in the group, this time taking Padalkar to five games, having lost 3-0 in
the morning. These were the only two games conceded by Padalkar in the group.
Blackwell got third place in the group and Matt Weller (Horsham Spinners TTC)
came fourth. The other group was totally dominated by Roddy McGillivray (St.
Michael’s TTC), who didn’t drop an end and only allowed one of his opponents to
get five points total over three games. Thompson was the group runner-up,
winning his remaining matches easily in straight sets. Elysia Marrs (Horsham
Spinners TTC) finished third, Ollie Thorne (Horsham Spinners TTC) was fourth and
Benedict Curran (MMJ East Grinstead) was fifth.
After the initial groups, there was one play-off match per person, vs the
players who ended up in the equivalent position in the other group. The final
was between Padalkar and McGillivray. The blocking and hitting style of
McGillivray, who has represented the South East region at U11 level for two
years, could not compete with the power and spin of Padalkar, although he did
nick the third game. The scores were 11-5, 11-9, 8-11, 11-7. Bracey easily won
the third/fourth place play off vs Thompson. Blackwell won the all-girls
encounter for fifth/sixth place over Marrs.
Final Positions:
1) Anish Padalkar (Horsham Spinners TTC)
2) James Bracey (Lancing TTC)
3) Callum Thompson (Rosehill TTC)
4) Estoban Riofrio (London)
5) Anna Blackwell (Brighton City TTC)
6) Billy Wheeler (Brighton City TTC)
7) Rahul Ashok (Rosehill TTC)
8) Sam Joughin (Brighton City TTC)
9) George Allan (Horsham Spinners TTC)
1) Anish Padalkar (Horsham Spinners TTC)
2) Roddy McGillivray (St. Michael’s TTC)
3) James Bracey (Lancing TTC)
4) Callum Thompson (Rosehill TTC)
5) Anna Blackwell (Brighton City TTC)
6) Elysia Marrs (Horsham Spinners TTC)
7) Ollie Thorne (Horsham Spinners TTC)
8) Matt Weller (Horsham Spinners TTC)
9) Billy Wheeler (Brighton City TTC)
10) Benedict Curran (MMJ East Grinstead)
11) Archie Fitzsimmons (Southwater Junior Academy TTC)
12) Sam Joughin (Brighton City TTC)
13) Max Fitzsimmons (Southwater Junior Academy TTC)
14) Joe Hedges (Kent)
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