Eastbourne Circuit March 2014
Schaefer Shines, Keegan Conquers, Evans Excels And Minshull Masters.
The Eastbourne Junior Circuit took place on 2nd March at Cavendish Sports Centre. There were 38 players playing, which were split into four ability bands. Impressively 16 players were from the host club, Cavendish TTC. The rest of the players were
from 13 other clubs, with Brighton City TTC providing the next highest no. of players, with five entrants. Eight tables were used for the event and medals were provided for the top three players in each band.
Band A:
There were 10 players in Band A. They were split into two groups of five. Will Goodstone (Cavendish) the top seed, won
Group 1, although was extended to five sets by Bertrand Siu (Warden Park TTC), who ended up third in the group. Goodstone beat team mate, Ryan Gregory 3-0, but Gregory finished second in the group, accounting for Siu in straight sets. Group
2 was won by Ferdinand Schaefer (Cavendish TTC), the second seed, who won all of his matches 3-0. However there was a three-way-tie for second place in the group. James Boltwood (Littlehampton Academy TTC) beat club mate Jason Morley
3-2, Morley in turn defeated Ryan Darwen (Bognor Regis TTC) 3-2 & Darwen beat Boltwood 3-2 as well! Therefore all the points for the three players in the matches between them, were counted up and Morley emerged on top on points
difference, with Darwen third in the group and Boltwood fourth.
In the semis Goodstone knocked out Morley and Schaefer put paid to Gregory, both matches being in straight sets. In the
final it was Schaefer, who continued his good run, beating Goodstone 3-0, meaning he didn’t drop a game all day. Morley had a good 3-0 win over Gregory to take the bronze medal. The rest of the players played for positions, which can be seen at the bottom of this report.
Band B:
This band was a round robin group of eight players. Billy Keegan (Brighton City TTC) won all seven of his matches, to win
the gold medal, but two of them were 12-10 in the fifth. These two were against club mate Matthew Johnson, who finished second and Jago Manning-McGeorge (St. Michael’s TTC), who finished third. Johnson beat James Bracey (Lancing TTC), who
finished fourth 11-6 in the fifth. Manning-McGeorge was a little unlucky on the day, as he also lost 12-10 in the fifth vs Lawrence Mepham (Cavendish TTC), who finished sixth. Cavendish club mates Ben Occardi and Ben Clarke had a battle
with the former coming out on top 11-9 in the fifth set. Ellis Crockford (Littlehampton TTC), who finished fifth only lost 11-7 in the fifth to Manning-McGeorge.
Band C:
This was the same format as Band A, except that one player pulled out ill just before the tournament, and another played
one match before disappearing completely, without telling the organisers or indeed anyone, which caused great concern on the day. As it turned out, he had gone home with his mum, having been slightly injured and a little despondent,
having lost his first match. A note to all participants/parents: Please never leave a tournament without telling the organisers. Anyway luckily the players who pulled out were in different groups, which mant we were left with two groups of four players. Billy Hart (Hollingbury TTC) won Group 1, winning all four of his matches and only dropping one end. Jacob Evans (Horsham TTC) came second in the group. In Group 1, Fraser Kent (Broad Oak TTC) won his three matches to top the group. Xavier Strickson (Cavendish TTC) came second, but only won his first match 11-7, 11-6, 7-11, 14-16, 12-10, vs fourth placed Jem
Finnis-Brown (Brighton City TTC).

In the semi finals Hart defeated Strickson 3-0 with two close games and Evans

had a comfortable straight sets victory over Kent. In the final Evans overturned his 0-3 group defeat to Hart,

to win 11-8, 12-10, 7-11, 5-11, 11-7. Kent beat Strickson to win the bronze medal.


Band D:

This was again the same format as Band A. Billy Wheeler (Brighton City TTC) won Group 1, but only beat second placed Owen
Brown (Horsham Spinners TTC) 14-12 in the fifth game. Leanne Goater (Cavendish TTC) came third in the group. In Group 2 it was Alec Minshull (Hampden Park TTC), who topped the group, losing just one end in his four matches. Harrison
Alvey (Eastbourne-no club) came second, only defeating third placed Bayly Wright (Cavendish TTC) in the fifth set. In the semis Wheeler beat Alvey and Minshull beat Brown. In the final it was Minshull who triumphed in a close four-game
match. Brown beat Alvey 3-0 in the bronze medal match. It was nice to see a close battle for ninth/tenth place, with Lewis Naylor (Cavendish TTC) winning 11-9 in the decider vs Kushaal Bhatia (Horsham Spinners TTC).
Finishing Positions:
Band A:
1) Ferdinand Schaefer (Cavendish TTC)
2) Will Goodstone (Cavendish TTC)
3) Jason Morley (Littlehampton TTC)
4) Ryan Gregory (Cavendish TTC)
5) Ryan Darwen (Bognor Regis TTC)
6) Bertrand Siu (Warden Park TTC)
7) James Boltwood (Littlehampton TTC)
8) Glen Tailford (Cavendish TTC)
9) Becky Hancock (Byng Hall TTC)
10) Ruth Marsden (Byng Hall TTC)
Band B:
1) Billy Keegan (Brighton City TTC)
2) Matthew Johnson (Brighton City TTC)
3) Jago Manning-McGeorge (St. Michael’s TTC)
4) James Bracey (Lancing TTC)
5) Ellis Crockford (Littlehampton TTC)
6) Lawrence Mepham (Cavendish TTC)
7) Ben Occardi (Cavendish TTC)
8) Ben Clarke (Cavendish TTC) 
Band C:
1) Jacob Evans (Horsham TTC)
2) Billy Hart (Hollingbury TTC)
3) Fraser Kent (Broad Oak TTC)
4) Xavier Strickson (Cavendish TTC)
5) Luke Marsden (Byng Hall TTC)
6) Anna Blackwell (Brighton City TTC)
7) Josh Pipe (Cavendish TTC)
8) Jem Finnis-Brown (Brighton City TTC)
9) Jamie Edwards (Cavendish TTC)
Band D:
1) Alec Minshull (Cavendish TTC)
2) Billy Wheeler (Brighton City TTC)
3) Owen Brown (Horsham Spinners TTC)
4) Harrison Alvey (Eastbourne-no club)
5) Bayly Wright (Cavendish TTC)
6) Leanne Goater (Cavendish TTC)
7) Alex Goater (Cavendish TTC)
8) Dan Burke (Cavendish TTC)
9) Lewis Naylor (Cavendish TTC)
10) Kushaal Bhatia (Horsham Spinners TTC)
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