Horsham Spinners 2 Star February 2014
Ramsden & Liu Win A Brace of Titles Each:
81 players competed in the Horsham Spinners TTC 2 Star on 23rd February at
The College Of Richard Collyer, Horsham. There were Boys and Girls U13s, U15s
& U18s events and a Mixed U11s event, due to a shortage of U11 girls. Two
players performed well to justify their seedings to win both of their age
Mixed U11s:
Jamie Liu (Bk), the no. 3 in England U11, unsurprisingly carried all before
him to take his second Horsham Spinners U11 title in just over a month. He
defeated talented 8-year-old, Harry Filson (Sx-Horsham Spinners TTC) in the
quarters, Harry Boston (Ca) in the semi & impressive 9-year-old, Naphong
Boonyaprapa (Nk) in the final. Boonyaprapa had accounted for Jacob Evans
(Sx-Horsham TTC) in the quarters and Felix Thomis (Bk) in the semi. Boston beat
Thomis for the bronze medal. Interestingly every single match in the main draw
knockout stages was 3-0! Lewis Stevens (Sy) beat Luke Darwen (Sx-Bognor Regis
TTC) 3-1 in the Consolation Final.
Boy’s U13s:
The two finalists from the U11s event, again made their way to the final of
the Boy’s U13s. Liu was again seeded no. 1 and this time dropped  just one end
to Yaj Vashee (Ha) in the semi, but defeated Charlie Hough (Sx) in the quarters
and Boonyaprapa in the final, both in straight sets. Boonyaprapa however, seeded
third, did not have it as easy. He dropped an end to Ryan Darwen (Sx-Bognor
Regis TTC) in the quarters and then had a fifth set battle over unseeded Callum
Ashworth in the semi final. Ashworth started stronger, winning the first two
games, but Boonyaprapa clawed his way back and won 12-10 in the fifth. As well
as almost beating Boonyaprapa, Ashworth performed well in his other matches. He
just missed out deep in the fifth set, vs fourth seed, Bertrand Siu (Sx-Warden
Park TTC) and then took the scalp of no. 2 seed George Long (Mi). His exertions
must have taken their toll, however, as he went down relatively easily in the
bronze medal match vs Vashee. Will Michell (Sx-Horsham Spinners TTC) beat three
Horsham TTC players 3-0 to reach the final of the Consolation event, where he
defeated Thomas Arnott (K) 3-1.
Boy’s U15s:
England no. 1 U14 Boy, Alex Ramsden (Np) and Romayne Stewart (Mi) were the
top two seeds for this event and both only dropped one end each in getting to
the final. Ramsden knocked out three Sussex players, Alistair Smith (MMJ East
Grinstead TTC), Scott Covey (Horsham Spinners TTC) and Marcus Bracey (Lancing
TTC), while Stewart accounted for two Sussex players, Alex Widdowson (Horsham
TTC) and Dexter Sherin (Brighton City TTC) and then Naphat Boonyaprapa (Nk) in
the semi final. Ramsden won 3-0 in the final. Naphat scraped the bronze medal by
defeating Bracey 9 in the fifth, having been soundly beaten in the first two
games. Interestingly, Bracey won eight more points than Naphat. Vashee beat Om
Bakhda (Mi) in the final of the Consolation.
Boy’s U18s:
Ramsden picked up from where he left off, winning the U18s in style. He
beat Jake Mitchell (Sy) and Lucas Papantoniou (Mi) in straight sets in the
quarters and semis respectively. Stewart, now seeded third, lost to second seed
Shaquille Webb-Dixon (Sy) in the semi final by 11-9 in the decider. Webb-Dixon
had survived a marathon 13-11 in the fifth set match vs Daniel Pound (Sx-Horsham
Spinners TTC) in the quarter final in a repeat of last month’s U18’s final.
Pound himself had lost out nine in the fifth to the lower ranked Naphat
Boonyaprapa in the group. The final was a good match, with plenty of rallies,
but in the end Ramsden had a little too much for Webb-Dixon, winning 10-12,
11-9, 11-7, 11-8. Fourth seed Papantoniou won the bronze medal match in the
fifth game at the expense of Stewart. Andrew Jackson (Sy) was the victor in the
consolation event, beating George Wells-Martin (Sy) in the final.
Girl’s U13s:
This was a group of five players. Second seed Amelia Chan (Mi) won all four of her matches,
including a five set win over top seed Jemma Walker (Bu), who finished second.
Habina Seo (Ha) came third.
Girl’s U15s:
This was a group of six players. For the top four players, rankings counted for little. Top
seed Walker lost to both second and fourth ranked players, Juliette Moussarie
(Sy) and Megan Ashfield (Bu) respectively. Third ranked Charlotte Boston (Ca)
excelled to beat Moussarie and Ashfield, as well as the two others to win the
event on count back from Ashfield, who also won four matches, but lost to
Boston. Moussarie finished third and Walker fourth.
Girl’s U18s:
This was a group of four players. Ashfield continued her good form to take out top seed,
Ema Gadzhova (Mi) in three close games to top the group and Gadzhova came
second, with Rutna Vashee (Ha) coming third with a win over Ruth Marsden (K).
Summary of Results:
Mixed U11s:
Jamie Liu (Bk) beat Naphong Boonyaprapa (Nk) 12-10, 11-4, 12-10
Boy’s U13s:
Jamie Liu (Bk) beat Naphong Boonyaprapa (Nk) 11-9, 12-10, 11-6
Boy’s U15s:
Alex Ramsden (Np) beat Romayne Stewart (Mi) 11-5, 13-11, 11-5
Boy’s U18s:
Alex Ramsden (Np) beat Shaquille Webb-Dixon (Sy) 12-10, 11-9, 11-7, 11-8
Girl’s U13s:
1st: Amelia Chan (Mi) 2nd: Jemma Walker (Bu)
Girl’s U15s:
1st: Charlotte Boston (Ca); 2nd: Megan Ashfield (Bu)
Girl’s U18s:
1st: Megan Ashfield (Bu); 2nd: Ema Gadzhova (Mi)
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