Horsham Spinners TTC Circuit June 2014

Success For Spinners:

A very large entry of 53 players took part in the final circuit tournament
of the 2013-14 season at Horsham Spinners TTC (Forest School) on 21st June. For
the first time players were split into 5 bands (A-E), instead of the usual 3 or
4 bands. Bands A & B included some adults, which provided the youngsters
with a different challenge. The formats for all bands was as follows: 2 groups
in each band with the group winners progressing to the final, the runners-up to
the 3rd/4th place play-off, the third placed in the group to the 5th/6th place
play-off and so on. There were 10 players in Bands A-D & 13 in Band E, so
all players in Bands A-D got 5 matches and players in Band E got 6 or 7 matches.

Band A:
No one in Group 1 went without a win, but top seed Helmuth Osborne (Ng) won
all of his matches. However, he did not have it all his own way and only just
won 11-9 in the 5th set over Vyas Raina (Sy), who ended up in 4th place in the
group with 1 win. Tom Kinga (Crawley TTC) also had 1 win, but lost to Raina and
so finished 1 place lower in 5th place. The group runner-up was Hamza Ansari
(K), with 2 wins. Jason Morley also won twice, but lost to Ansari, so came 3rd
in the group. There were 3 pimples players in Group 2 and no. 2 seed, Liam Cuffe
(Horsham), won the group, just losing 2 ends, one each Vs the other 2 pimples
players, Andrew Hancock (Byng Hall TTC) and James Boltwood (Littlehampton
Academy TTC). There was a three-way count back for 2nd, 3rd & 4th place in
the group between Hancock, Vatsal Raina (Sy) and Shane O’Brien (Horsham TTC),
who all won 2 each. Hancock got second place, Raina third and O’Brien fourth.
Boltwood failed to win any, but lost in the fifth to O’Brien. In the final
Osborne won comfortably over Cuffe 11-7, 11-7, 11-3. There was a battle for 3rd
place and the bronze medal, which was won 11-9 in the fifth by Hancock over
Hansari. Vatsal beat Jason for 5th place.
Band B:
In Band B Neal Harris (Horsham TTC) dominated Group 1 with four 3-0
victories and Joe Worskett (Horsham Spinners & Horsham TTCs) was similarly
dominant in Group 2. Anish Padalkar (Horsham Spinners TTC) came second in Group
1, with three 3-0 wins of his own. Thomas Arnott (Darenth) was 3rd in the group.
Ashley Macey (Arundel TTC) was the runner up in Group 2, only dropping one end
in her three victories, that being to 10-year-old Zach Hodges (Horsham Spinners
TTC), who is a player to watch out for. Martin Davis (Darenth) was 3rd in the
group. In the final there was a tight match, but after four close games Worskett
won the 5th 11-4. Padalkar had a good win over Macey in the bronze medal match
3-1. Arnott beat Davis for sixth place.
Band C:
Bob Griffiths (Horsham TTC) the top seed for Band C won Group 1, but not
without a struggle. He beat George Allan (Horsham Spinners TTC) and Ben Mistry
(Amherst) both in the 5th set, but won his other 3-0. Owen Brown (Horsham
Spinners TTC) got 3rd place in the group. Second placed in the group was Joseph
Gillhouley (Amherst). In Group 2 Richard Holmes (Amherst) came out on top and
his club mate Ben Baillache was the group runner up. Henry Kear (Horsham
Spinners TTC) came 3rd in the group. The final went to four with Holmes getting
the better of Griffiths. Gillhouley beat Baillache in the bronze medal match and
Kear came back from 2 games down to defeat Brown for 5th place.
Band D:
Sam Watts (Southwater Junior Academy TTC) the top seed for Band D, lived up
to expectations, winning his group, only losing one end. Second placed in the
group was Henry Maric-Murray (Graham Spicer TTC) and third placed was Taylor
Woods (Arundel TTC). Maric-Murray had a close 11-9 in the 5th win over Rorie
Leonard (Arundel). Louie Harris (Horsham Spinners TTC) surpassed expectations to
win Group 2 with 4 wins, only dropping 1 end. Club mate Edward Cozens came 2nd
in the group, with Alfie Bazley (Arundel) in third. In the final Watts won in
straight sets Vs Harris. Cozens won the bronze medal by virtue of a 3 close
games win over Maric-Murray. 5th place went to Bazley in a 5-setter.
Band E:
The winner of Group 1 was Josh James (Horsham Spinners TTC), who
impressively won all 5 of his matches 3-0. Second place was Aaron Kelly (Horsham
Spinners TTC) and third place went to Alfie Eales (Holbrook School TTC). The
clear winner of Group 2 was Nathan Warburton-Hume (Horsham Spinners TTC).
Kushaal Bhatia (Holbrook School TTC) came second and Ashley Smith (Southwater
Junior Academy TTC) was third. Unfortunately the score sheet for Group 2 of the
Band E was a total mess and this led to the organiser of that section
incorrectly placing players in the play-offs. There was also an error in Group
1. The only play-off match played which was actually correct was the final,
which was a nail biter, with Josh scraping over the line 9-11, 11-9, 9-11,
13-11, 11-9 Vs Nathan. When the errors were discovered, the bronze medal match
was replayed and Aaron beat Kushaal for the bronze. However, as the bronze medal
had already been presented to Kushaal, he kept his medal and another was
provided for Aaron. After 4th place, the rest of the players are listed below as
equal place with the player they were supposed to play in the play-off matches.
Band A:
1) Helmuth Osborne (Vulcan TTC) (Gold)
2) Liam Cuffe (Blades TTC) (Silver)
3) Andrew Hancock (Byng Hall TTC) (Bronze)
4) Hamza Ansari (Darenth TTC)
5) Vatsal Raina (Wilsons School TTC)
6) Jason Morley (Littlehampton Academy TTC)
7) Vyas Raina (Wilsons School TTC)
8) Shane O’Brien (Horsham Spinners TTC)
9) Tom Kinga (Blades TTC)
10) James Boltwood (Littlehampton Academy TTC)
Band B:
1) Joe Worskett ((Horsham TTC)/Horsham Spinners TTC) (Gold)
2) Neal Harris (Blades TTC) (Silver)
3) Anish Padalkar (Horsham Spinners TTC) (Bronze)
4) Ashley Macey (Arundel TTC)
5) Thomas Arnott (Darenth TTC)
6) Martin Davis (Darenth TTC)
7) Adam Boxall (Horsham Spinners TTC)
8) Zach Hodges (Horsham Spinners TTC)
9) Nathan Wadey (Horsham Spinners TTC)
10) Reece Packham (Horsham Spinners TTC)
Band C:
1) Richard Holmes (Amherst School TTC) (Gold)
2) Bob Griffiths (Horsham TTC) (Silver)
3) Joseph Gillhouley (Amherst School TTC) (Bronze)
4) Ben Baillache (Amherst School TTC)
5) Henry Kear (Horsham Spinners TTC)
6) Owen Brown (Horsham Spinners TTC)
7) Thomas Taylor (Leechpool School TTC)
8) Ben Mistry (Amherst School TTC)
9) George Allan (Horsham Spinners TTC)
10) Ollie Thorne (Horsham Spinners TTC)
Band D:
1) Sam Watts (Horsham Spinners TTC) (Gold)
2) Louie Harris (Horsham Spinners TTC) (Silver)
3) Edward Cozens (Horsham Spinners TTC) (Bronze)
4) Henry Maric-Murray (Graham Spicer TTC)
5) Alfie Bazley (Arundel TTC)
6) Taylor Woods (Arundel TTC)
7) Rorie Leonard (Arundel TTC)
8) Ollie Maric-Murray (Graham Spicer TTC)
9) Max Hollands (Southwater Junior Academy TTC)
10) Scott Payne (Southwater Junior Academy TTC)
Band E:
1) Josh James (Horsham Spinners TTC) (Gold)
2) Nathan Warburton-Hume (Horsham Spinners TTC) (Silver)
3) Aaron Kelly (Horsham Spinners TTC) (Bronze)
4) Kushaal Bhatia (Horsham Spinners TTC) (Bronze)
=5) Ashley Smith (Southwater Junior Academy TTC)
=5) Alfie Eales (Holbrook School TTC)
=7) Sam Botting (Kingslea School TTC)
=7) Jacob Bentley (Leechpool School TTC)
=9) Charlie Whiteley (Kingslea School TTC)
=9) Roseanna Savage (Farlington School TTC)
=11) Alyssia Brown (Farlington School TTC)
=11) Anusha Kansagra (Farlington School TTC)
13) Charlotte Roots (Farlington School TTC)
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