Press Report - New seasons start

The new season of Isle of Man Table Tennis gets underway on Wednesday September 26th

Occupying the regular evening slot in the Secondary Hall of the NSC but with a rather snappier look as all matches get off and running at 7pm sharp on pre-designated match tables as follows:-

Division One:-

T1 Copy Shop “A” v Foxdale “A”

T2 Strathallan v Travellers “A”

T3 Arbory v Breakaway

T4 Copy Shop “B” v Tower “A”


Division Two:-

T5 Travellers “B” v Tower “C”

T6 Foxdale “B” v Peel “B”

T7 Salmon River Spinners v Tower “B”

T8 Travellers “C” v Peel “A”


Division Three:-

T9 Peel “C” v Breakaway “B”

T10 Copy Shop “C” v Copy Shop “D”

T11 Travellers “D” v Fortress

T12 IOM Junior Development 1 v IOM Junior Development 2


For the Junior league the venue is the same but their start is one week later on Wednesday October 3rd

Author: via Isle Of Man Table Tennis Association
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