Senior Schools results as at 28 June 13


England Girls top the divisions at each age group. Scotland A top U14 Boys but are yet to play England or Wales.
U'16 Boys - IOM A recorded their first ever whitewash - Scotland B were their unfortunate opponents. Both England teams, Wales and Ireland also recorded 5-0 victories. U'18 Boys - England A, Wales and Jersey are yet to drop a point.

As at close of play on Friday 28/6/13

UNDER 14 Girls

Guernsey            0-5          England A

Ireland A             5-0          Scotland B

England B            4-1          Wales

Wales                   2-3          Ireland B

Scotland B           0-5          England A

Ireland B              2-3          England B

Wales                   4-1          Scotland A

Under 16 Girls

Wales                   1-4          England B

Ireland B              1-4          Scotland A

England A            5-0          Scotland B

Ireland A             5-0          Guernsey

England B            4-1          Scotland A

Under 18 Girls

England A            5-0          Jersey

England B            4-1          Scotland

Wales                   4-1          Ireland

Wales                   4-1          England A

Jersey                   3-2          England B

Ireland                 4-1          Scotland

Under 14 Boys

IOM B                    0-5          Ireland A

Wales                   5-0          IOM A

England A            5-0          Guernsey B

Scotland A          5-0          Jersey B

Ireland B              0-5          England B

Jersey A               4-1          Guernsey B

Jersey B               1-4          Guernsey A

England B            3-2          Wales

Ireland B              5-0          IOM A

IOM B                    0-5          Scotland A

Under 16 Boys

England A            5-0          Ireland B

England B            5-0          Jersey A

IOM B                    0-5          Wales

Ireland                 5-0          Guernsey A

IOM A                   5-0          Scotland B

Under 18 Boys

England A            5-0          Guernsey B

Jersey A               2-3          England B

Wales                   5-0          Scotland B

Jersey B               0-5          Scotland A

Ireland A             4-1          Guernsey B

Jersey                   5-0          Scotland B

England B            1-4          Wales

Scotland A          4-1          Guernsey A

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