New season fixtures now published
  • The league structure and composition of each division was confirmed by the Committee at its July meeting and fixtures have now been published on the website.
    Highlights are as follows:
  • 27 teams this season
    All matches still played in the NSC secondary hall with increased capacity achieved by spreading the fixtures out over a longer season
    Matches commence Wednesday 18th September and final set of matches on Wednesday 9th April
    8 teams in D1 playing each other 3 times giving a season of 21 fixtures per team
    11 teams in D2  playing each other twice giving a season of 20 fixtures per team
    8 teams in D3, as per D1
    Teams will have intermittent "free weeks" during the season where they dont have a fixture - on average this will be once every 8 weeks in D1 and D3, every 6 weeks in D2
    Matches will be played on defined tables as they were last season
    No league matches scheduled during the school half-terms or Christmas holidays.
    Midweek tournaments on 18th December (Harold Wilcock Hard Bat) and 26th February (Divisional Singles)

Tim Baker 19/8/13

Author: via Isle Of Man Table Tennis Association
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