Notice - fixtures for Wednesday 6th May

This week we will play the fixtures which were postponed on Wednesday 22nd April, which will complete the 6 matches remaining this season (2 in D2 and 4 in D3) 

The lighting issues in the NSC Secondary Hall are now resolved, so we can revert to a normal start time of 6-40pm and we will have the hall for long enough for complete the matches .  All teams need to be present for the start of the session.

The matches are as follows:


D3 Surestrike Ramsey C v Surestrike Ramsey E

D3 Breakaway B v Copy Shop D

D2 Surestrike Ramsey A v Tower C

D2 Copy Shop C v Travellers D

D3 Copy Shop D v Surestrike Ramsey E

D3 Victory Roll Saints v Breakaway B

Tim Baker

IOMTTA Match Secretary

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