Revised Season Plan


I am pleased to say that the Association has now secured facilities which will allow us to re-commence the season in early January.  

We were never going to be able to replace the NSC with a like-for-like facility so the solution would always require a flexible approach and the use of multiple venues and/or match nights.

We have developed the solution over the past couple of weeks in conjunction with various parties including Department of Education, Centre 21 and MSR and it has now been agreed by the Committee on the basis that this is the best that can be achieved considering the needs of IOM table tennis as a whole.  

In summary the way forward is as follows:

We will prioritise League matches and the Division 1 Grand Prix, both of which will be completed by the end of April
• The new Regional Super 6's and the Hard Bat tournament will not be rescheduled at this point - we will reconsider them later in the year
• Matches will be played in the Assembly Hall at Bemahague School on Wednesday nights starting at 6-40pm and being completed by around 8-30pm – 5 matches per evening, each on 2 tables using tables moved from the NSC
• Matches will also be played at Centre 21 on Sunday nights starting at 6pm and being completed by 9pm – 5 or 6 matches per evening, each on 1 table initially, spreading onto 2 as tables become available
• All Division 1 and 3 matches will take place at Centre 21, Division 2 will be at Bemahague
• Please note there are 2 weeks when Bemahague matches will be switched to Monday nights due to school availability issues
• Centre 21 matches will commence on Sunday 10th  January, Bemahague matches on Wednesday 27th January (it is not available prior to this)
• Matches will be scheduled for the February half-term week, rather than having a break then
• Players will be required to assist with setting up and clearing away the venues when requested as we no longer have the NSC staff to do that for us 
• Development activity and Manx Youth games sessions will continue as previously planned, except that Douglas MYG sessions will be held at Bemahague School instead of the NSC

This allows us to complete the season in an orderly fashion without too much disruption and gives a degree of consistency as to when people are playing.

Detailed fixtures will be issued shortly. 


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