Match-night arrangements

To All Club Secretaries cc IOMTTA  Committee

At the IOMTTA Committee meeting last Monday, we reviewed how Wednesday match-nights are going and agreed a number of slight changes to improve the flow of the evening to help ensure that we finish on time.  These changes will be applied from this week on and we will monitor their impact:

·         Firstly, it is essential that matches start on time and that they keep moving throughout the evening.  We must also minimise any down-time between games to give us the best chance of finishing on time.  In particular, knock-up time between games shall be kept to a minimum.

·         Fitting in Doubles at the end of a match can prove problematical, particularly when teams have desired doubles combinations they wish to play and all 4 players need to be available simultaneously.  Accordingly, we suggest playing doubles in the first round of matches, with the other 2 players playing singles at the same time – this will speed up play though it will mean that this round of matches may need self-umpiring.

·         No Phase 1 games will be permitted to commence after 8-15pm and any unplayed games will be declared void.  In the absence of either team being clearly at fault for this, then the point will not be awarded to either team.  This mirrors the arrangement at the end of the evening for Phase 2 matches.

·         To ensure that matches are completed on time, if time is pressing outstanding games may be played over a restricted number of sets by agreement, rather than the usual “best of 5 sets” arrangement which normally applies

·         Players arriving for Phase 2 may arrive early and watch the conclusion of the Phase 1 matches, however they will not be allowed to occupy tables before 8-15pm at the earliest as this is disruptive for the Phase 1 matches still being played.  From 8-15pm they may only occupy the tables which are allocated for their match, which may then commence as soon as both teams are ready

Please note these changes are in an endeavour to improve the match-night experience for all players.  Please ensure your teams are aware of them and respect these arrangements.  We will monitor their success over the next few weeks and change them if required.

Finally, on other matters:

·         A number of trophies were not collected at last season’s presentation night.   This is very disappointing given the expense and effort that goes into supplying them. If you want yours then please make arrangements with me.

·         Given we now have more, but smaller divisions, this season it is the IOMTTA’s intention to award trophies to the winners only in divisions which have 7 or fewer teams (and not the runners-up)

·         A reminder that the Southern Drop-In sessions continue at the Buchan School, Castletown on Tuesdays from 7pm to 9pm

·         Please support the Race Night on Saturday 19th November by selling/buying horses, jockeys or trainers in the races and/or by attending on the night.  Contact Kevin Drewry if you require any further information.


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