League report 25th January 2017


Division One players competed in the second of three Grand Prix events in the Fun 88 sponsored IOM Table Tennis League. Copy Shop’s Sean Drewry, who is unbeaten in the league so far this season, emerged as the winner by beating the opening GP event winner Mark Johnson 11/3, 11/9, 12/10.

A big win for Travellers B in Division Two sees them move up to second, two points off leaders Peel A who were not playing. Both teams have now played the same number of matches.

Only one fixture took place in Division Three where fourth placed St Ninian’s edged a narrow victory 6-4 over third placed Copy Shop C.

In Division Four the leaders Peel C scraped past third placed Copy Shop D 6-4. Their second placed rivals Copy Shop E enjoyed a 10-0 win over lowly JD1 and are now only seven points off top slot with a vital game in hand.


Round 1

Group A was topped by Mike Tamarov who beat Julian Briercliffe and Wendy Hogan. Briercliffe took second place after he also beat Hogan.

Group B was taken by the eventual tournament winner Sean Drewry who beat both Juan Moore and Malcolm Cummings. Cummings prevailed against Moore to take the runner up position.

Group C was clinched by Jason Quirk. Andy Patterson came second leaving Kevin Drewry in third.

Group D was claimed by Khayee Vinas closely followed by Adam Teare which meant Steve Curtis finished 3rd.

Group E saw Mark Johnson take first place. Andy Horne finished second followed by Adam Davies in third.

Group F was secured by Liam Chan. Graham McFarlane earned second to leave Rhys Yardley with third.

Round 2

Group G was polished off by Mark Johnson. Jason Quirk picked up second place followed by Mike Tamarov in third.

Group H was edged by Sean Drewry, closely followed by Liam Chan with Khayee Vinas left to take third place.

Group I was topped by Adam Teare who left Malcolm Cummings in second. Andy Horne took third.

Group J was won by Andy Patterson, Julian Briercliffe picked up second to leave Graham McFarlane in third.

Group K was secured by Juan Moore. Rhys Yardley came second and Wendy Hogan third.

Group L was obtained by Adam Davies. Steve Curtis beat Kevin Drewry to take second leaving Drewry for third.


1st – 6th

Mark Johnson was beaten in straight sets by Sean Drewry for first place in the Grand Prix; thus placing Johnson second. Liam Chan beat Jason Quirk to third, Quirk took fourth. Mike Tamarov beat Arbory teammate Khayee Vinas to leave her in sixth as he took fifth.

7th – 12th

Adam Teare came seventh; Andy Patterson was left in eighth place. Ninth came Malcolm Cummings with Julian Briercliffe in 10th. Andy Horne beat Graham McFarlane to 11th so he came 12th.

13th – 18th

Juan Moore faced Adam Davies for 13th which he took, placing Davies 14th. Rhys Yardley earned 15th to leave Steve Curtis in 16th place. Kevin Drewry avoided the wooden spoon by beating Wendy Hogan to 17th, Hogan took the last team point 18th.

Team Totals

Travellers took first spot in this Grand Prix narrowly beating Arbory. 3rd were Copy Shop, Strathallan came 4th, Surestrike Ramsey 5th, leaving Tower in 6th.

Cumulatively, after two events Arbory have a one point lead over Travellers who are on 95. Both these teams are way out in the lead. Third come Strathallan who are just ahead of Copy Shop. Surestrike Ramsey and Tower stay in the same positions at the foot of Grand Prix table.

The cumulative individual event is led by Mark Johnson of Travellers who won the opening event earlier in the season. Sean Drewry is in second place with Khayee Vinas taking third spot.


Peel B (1) Travellers B (9)

A strong performance from Travellers saw Colin Brown and Stuart Douglas collect three points each at the doubles. Two from Tommy Cowin completed their tally as Harry Walters beat him to earn the consolation point for Peel.

Tower B (5)  Surestrike Ramsey B (5)

Tim Baker was pushed to the limit in order to maintain his unbeaten record when Dave Parsons of Tower took him to the deciding set. However, Baker prevailed 11/6 to claim another hat-trick. Chris Holmes managed to add another to Surestrike’s tally by beating Matt Crabtree. Then Holmes and Baker notched up the doubles. Dave Parsons and Mike Bayley brought it back with braces and Crabtree secured the draw by beating Kerenza Baker.


Copy Shop C (4) St Ninian’s A (5)

A no show from each team meant that the fixture would be played for nine points rather than the usual ten. Each no show gifted two points to their opposition which Chris Aspden built on by winning his two remaining matches for Copy Shop. Matt Harvey and Ken Hegarty gathered a point apiece by beating substitute Pat Halliwell and then racked up the doubles to take the fixture.


IOM JD 2 (5) IOM JD North (5)

Oliver Ashe was the hat-trick hero for JD 2 followed by two more from Lauren Allwright. In response Glenn Callow also picked up two for the Northern team and a point-a-piece for William Dalugdugan and Charlie Callow meant the double would be pivotal. The Callow brother’s duly delivered to make it a draw.

Copy Shop E (10) IOM JD 1 (0)

Cameron Dudley, Joshua Dudley and their father Neil Dudley all scored three points before Joshua and Neil delivered the doubles to complete the clean sweep for second placed Copy Shop against the youngsters William Shooter, Jake Levine and Sam Preece from JD1.

Copy Shop D (4)  Peel C (6)

Tiernan Garvey obtained three points for top placed Peel C followed by a win each from Louis Faragher and Callan Reed. Faragher and Reed also took the doubles. Kitty Thomas took two for third placed Copy Shop D with Libby Quaggin and Sophie Sheard adding their other points.


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