Regional Super6 Round 4


Western Vikings have lost their lead in the Regional Super 6 table tennis series where clubs from across the island have been split into five geographic areas. Each region field two teams of six players to compete in this round robin end of season tournament.

It was the leaders Western Vikings turn to sit out so Northern Lights capitalised on their game in hand to gain a five point lead heading into the final week. Either of these two regions could win the series but the Vikings will have to beat the Lights by 18-12 or better to capture the cup when they meet next week.

Douglas Dynamos have finished with 48 points from four fixtures and are currently third. Fourth are Eastern Eagles with 44 points and fifth are Southern Stars with 29. These two teams will play each other next week.

Northern Lights A (10) Eastern Eagles A (5)



Adam Teare secured a brace for Northern against Mike Dunning and Paul Mathieson-Nelson before they took a point each off Rhys Yardley to make it even.



Chris Holmes obtained two against Alan Harding and Jack Mathieson-Nelson, Daryl Yardley also claimed a win from Mathieson-Nelson. Harding picked up a win against Yardley for the Eagles.

Dylan Yardley and William Dalugdugan both earned a point for the Northern team however Jackie Gill notched a brace to equalise.

Teare/Holmes, Rhys/Daryl Yardley and Dylan Yardley/Dalugdugan all secured their doubles matches to give Northern a good win.

Northern Lights B (10) Eastern Eagles B (5)



Malcolm Looker Memorial Trophy winner Juan Moore and his Northern Stars team captain both collected a point against David Buck however John Shooter of the Eagles beat both to make it all square.

Kerenza Baker took a point off Maurice Campbell who came back to beat Alex Yardley. Mike Levine beat both Kerenza and Yardley to give Eagles the lead.

Lily Byrne and Glenn Callow gained two each for Northern Lights.

Moore/Yardley, Baker/Callow and Kerenza Baker/Byrne all brought back their doubles matches which left an overall score of 20-10 to the Northern Lights.

Southern Stars A (9)  Douglas Dynamos A (6)



Division One players Mike Tamarov



and Keeran Chan

got Southern Stars underway when, as expected, they both secured braces against Kevin Drewry and Billy Coulter from Division Two side Copy Shop.



Barry Jenkins also notched a brace against Neil and Josh Dudley followed by another point from Margaret Forsyth who also beat Josh. In response, Neil picked up a win against Forsyth.



Kitty Thomas earned a brace for Douglas along with a point from Libby Quaggin who beat Lauren Allwright. Oliver Ashe took a point off Quaggin.

Drewry/Coulter and Dudley/Dudley both secured their doubles matches for Douglas, Jenkins/Forsyth got a win for the Stars.

Southern Stars B (3)  Douglas Dynamos B (12)

John Magnall claimed a brace for the Stars, Chris Aspden and Jane Kneale fought back to equalise by getting their points off Matt Crabtree.

Freya Melvin and Pat Halliwell both collected two points from Heather Kennett and Buchan community table tennis player Darren Shaw to increase the Dynamos’ lead.

Leo Doyle beat both Sonja Shaw and Michael Forrester; the latter two also being Buchan School community players. Joe Doyle also attained a point against Forrester. Sonia picked up a point by beating late substitute Joe Doyle to add another point to the Stars’ tally.

Kneale/Aspden, Melvin/Halliwell and Doyle/Doyle all bagged a win in their doubles to secure a comfortable win. Overall this left a scoreline of 18-12 in the favour of Douglas Dynamos.

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