Match Report - League 2019-2020 - Week 1

Table Tennis - It’s all to play for at the NSC, Douglas

The new season commences in the Fun-88 sponsored IOM Table Tennis League.


For the first round of games, this was a very mixed bag of results with just a few exceptions. It is great to see so many new and former players deciding to join teams for the 2019/20 season. The Isle Of Mann Table Tennis Association wish all players the very best of luck and look forward to handing out your trophies and medals at the awards night in May. Let the games begin! 

League positions after week one;

Division 1   Copy Shop A (8), Travellers A (7), Ramsey A (6)

Division 2   Travellers C (10), Copy Shop B (7), Desmonds Douglas (6)

Division 3   Travellers D (10), P I Forward (9), Ramsey E (9)

Division 4   Copy Shop F (10), Peel E (7), Ramsey G (6)


Division One

Copy Shop A (8) Tower A (1)

The 2018/9 runner up team of Copy Shop A (Sean Drewry, Paul Corran and Adam Davies) began their 2019/20 campaign in formidable style taking eight games without losing a set. The exception was a sterling performance from Tower's Mike Bayley who took Adam to a fifth set tie break and won 15-17.

Travellers A (7) Ramsey B (2)

For this year, Scott Lewis joins Travellers A, beginning his campaign with a clean sheet. Team regulars Marc Townsend and Malcolm Cummings won two games each. For Ramsey B, Tim Baker won two games, one in the fifth set and one in the fourth.

Strathallan (3) Ramsey A (6)

A hard fought battle with three games being settled in the fifth set and three in the fourth set. For Strathallan, captain Julian Briercliffe won two games, one in a fifth set tie break 12-10. Wayne Taylor won one game in another five set match. For Ramsey, Rhys Yardley won a hat trick, all in four set matches Adam won two games, one in another fifth set battle. Becky won one against new recruit for Strrathallan, Neil Quane.

Division Two

Peel A (4) Desmonds Douglas (6)

Newly promoted Desmond Douglas faced runners up from last year, Peel A. Malcolm Lewis secured two games and Stuart Mason one game, they also won the doubles. For Desmonds, Jim Travers won a hat trick, John Callow won two games and Russell Kent added their sixth in a five set battle with Ken Hegarty.


Tower B (6) Ramsey C (4)

With six games settled in the fifth set, the result could have easily been different. For Tower, Graham McFarlane and Dario Mazzotta won two games each and Simon Radcliffe won one. Graham and Simon paired up for the doubles win. For Ramsey, Geoff Ball secured a hat trick and Adrian Slater won one game.


Peel B (3) Copy Shop B (7)

With six games won in four sets and two in five, this was a close match. Stuart Perry won two games for Peel and Maggie Mulhern won one game for their three. For Copy Shop, Ewan Watterson won a hat trick, Rob Sim won two, Kevin Drewry won one and he with Rob paired up for the doubles which was won in a fifth set tie break 12-14.


Copy Shop C (0) Travellers C (10)

Copy Shop did put up some resistance against Travellers but without success. Tommy Cowin, Alex Buck and David Buck won all of their games for a whitewash and a great start to the season.


Division Three

Play It Forward A (9) Desmonds Douglas B (1)

In their second year, Play It Forward have begun their season in formidable style, beating newcomers Desmonds Douglas B in convincing style. Brandon Montgomery and George Tsioutsioulis won hat tricks and the doubles, Adam Braidwood won two. For Desmonds, Peter Russell won one for their solitary point.


Tower C (7) Peel D (3)

There were some close games with four of the matches settled in the fifth set. Tower's Barry Jenkins won a hat trick, Mike Chapman and Dave Callow both won two games each. For Peel, new recruit Vlad Lannin won two games and with partner Ronan Thompson, won the doubles in the fifth set. 


Travellers D (10) Play It Forward B (0)

Without dropping a point, Travellers dominated this match in a whitewash against the Play It Forward team. The Travellers team were Alan Harding, Maurice Campbell and Rob Wright, Maurice and Alan paired up for the doubles.


Copy Shop D (8) Peel C (2)

The scores in this match were very close so could have all so easily been a different result. A good start for the new team members of Copy Shop, new player John Paul won a hat trick in three close games, Darren Shaw and Sonia Shaw won two each, both players with four and five set victories. Sonia and Paul paired up for the fifth set doubles win. For Peel's two points, both Sam Preece and William Shooter won one game, each in the fourth set.


Ramsey E (9) Ramsey F (1)

This was a strong performance from Ramsey's E team, William Dalugdugan and Frank Feeney both won a hat trick as well as the doubles, Matthew Bell won two games. For F, Jake Morris claimed their solitary point in the fourth set.


Division Four

Peel E (7) Junior Development North (3)

A few new players have taken up the bat this year and joined D4 teams. Peel were not able to field a full team but a strong performance from James Devereau and Suvi Shaw saw them win all of their matches and gain seven points.


Copy Shop E (4) Ramsey G (6)

In this very close fought match, six games were settled in the fifth set. Copy Shop's Jake Levine and Corbyn Schade both won two games each. For Ramsey, Francesca and Lisa Lord both won two games each, Wilma Dalugdugan won one and Wilma with Francesca won the doubles


Copy Shop F (10) Peel F (0)

Peel were unable to field a team for this fixture meaning that the Copy Shop team of Ben Arthur, Pat Halliwell and Amit Lanin had a walk over, collected ten easy points and lead the division four position table.

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