Match Report - League 2019-2020 - Week 5


Only five players unbeaten in the Fun-88 sponsored IOM Table Tennis League.


After five weeks of competition, five players keep their 100% unbeaten status; D1 Scott Lewis, D2 Ewan Watterson, D3 Brandon Montgomery, Alan Harding and Glenn Callow.

Arbory (27) and Travellers A (26) both have a game in hand and close in on Copy Shop A (31) who top division 1. Peel A (39) move into top of division two after their whitewash match, Tower B (36) are pushed down to second place, closely followed by Copy Shop B (32) who have a game in hand. P I Forward A (47) further extend their lead at the top of division 3, 7 points clear of Travellers D (40). After their whitewash match, Ramsey G (34) top Division 4, five points clear of Copy Shop E (29).


Division One

Copy Shop A (4) Travellers A (5)

This fixture was always going to be hotly contested and the players didn’t disappoint. The back bone of the Copy Shop team, Sean Drewry and Paul Corran both won two games each for their four points, but they had no answer to Traveller’s Scott Lewis who beat both of them and Adam Davies to get his hat trick and defend his own unbeaten record. Scott’s team mates Malcolm Cummings and Marc Townsend won one game each, both in the fourth set for their five points and the win. 

Tower A (4) Ramsey A (5) 


A hard fought match and a surprise result. Tower really needed to pick up some points to defend their place in division one and recognition has to be given to David Parsons of Tower, who after two four set games, one five set game and three tie breaks, managed to beat all three of Ramsey’s team and win a hat trick, Ken Mitchell also picked up his first win of the season. For Ramsey, captain Adam Teare won two games, Becky Taylor and Rhys Yardley won one game each.


Arbory (5) Strathallan (4)

In a close match, Arbory just managed to hold out for a victory with two games decided in the fifth set and four in the fourth. Defender and former over 40 champion Jason Quirk won a decisive hat trick and only lost one set. Khayee Vinas and Mike Tamarov won one game each for Arbory's five points. For Strathallan, their drought may show signs of abating, Julian Briercliffe won two games, Andrew Patterson and Wayne Taylor won one game each. 

Division Two

Tower B (3) Copy Shop B (7)

In this top of the table battle, there were some close scoring games, three fifth set, two fourth set deciders and five tie break sets. For Tower, Graham McFarlane, Steve Curtis and Dario Mazzotta won one game each, all in straight sets. A fully rested and ready for action Malcolm Lambert won a hat trick in his firs game back for Copy Shop and Ewan Watterson also won one to defend his unbeaten record. Ewan and Kevin Drewry paired up for the doubles win which was decided in the fifth set.

Peel B (5) Desmonds Douglas A (5)

In this mid table fixture, with the exception on one game ending in a fifth set tie break, the teams were fairly evenly matched. Stuart Perry scored his first hat trick for Peel, Matty Evans and Maggie Mulhern won one game each. For Desmonds,  Jim Travers won two games, Russell Kent and step-up player Neil Ronan won one game each, Russell and Jim paired up for the doubles win. 

Travellers B (7) Travellers C (3)

For this derby match for Travellers, Tommy Cowin won a Hat trick for B, Mike Dunning was on form to also collected his hat trick in straight sets and their partnership won the doubles in a fifth set tie break 14-12. For C, David Buck and Vishal Patel won one game each in the fourth set and Adrian Tinkler won one game that we decided in the fifth set.

 Peel A (10) Copy Shop C (0)

In Peel's whitewash of Copy Shop there were some futile glimmers of resistance, with four of the games decided in the fourth set. Peel’s team were Malcolm Lewis, Stuart Mason and Ken Hegarty, Malcolm and Ken won the doubles.

Division Three

Play It Forward A (10)  Ramsey F (0)

Ramsey played two step up players for this fixture but with the exception of three sets won by their regular player, the Play It Forward team were simply too strong resulting in their whitewash. The PIF A team were George Tsioutsioulis, Brandon Montgomery and Adam Braidwood, George and Brandon won the doubles.

Desmonds Douglas B (5) Play iIt Forward B (5)

With two games settled in the fifth, six in the fourth and seven tie break sets, there was very little to separate these teams which reflects the scoreline. Peter Russell and Mark Davenport won two games each and the returning Jo Healey won one and her first victory of the season for Desmonds Douglas in a fourth set decider 13-11. Shaun Field won his hat trick for Play It Forward, Rob Mercer won one game and their partnership won the doubles in a fifth set decider 13-15.

Tower C (2) Ramsey E (8)

A very close scoring match which could have easily been closer. For Tower, Barry Jenkins won both of his games in four sets but the resilience shown by Ramsey won through. William Dalugdugan won a hat trick, one game was a fifth set decider 11-13. Frank Feeney and Matthew Bell won two games each and William with Matthew won the doubles in another fifth set tie break 13-15.

Travellers D (8) Copy Shop D (2)

A strong performance from the experienced Travellers team, not without a few tie breaks and one fifth set decider. Alan Harding scored a hat trick for Travellers, Jackie Gill and Maurice Campbell won two games each, Maurice and Jackie paired up for the doubles win. John Paul Banaag won two well earned points for Copy Shop. 

Ramsey D (8) Peel C (2)

With the exception of three games, the scoring was all straight sets. Glenn Callow won a hat trick, just holding on to one game that included two tie breaks, his brother Charlie won two games and Ramsey drafted in step up-player Martyn Howard who also won two games. Glenn and Charlie paired up for the doubles win. Peel’s honour was defended with two wins for young William Shooter, one of which was a fifth set decider.

Division Four


Peel E (5) Copy Shop E (5) 

With a few high scoring tie breaks, one game decided in the fifth set and five in the fourth, these teams were fairly evenly matched. For Peel, James Devereau won a hat trick, in one game the tie break ended in a 17-15 scoreline. Miltos Proxatakis and Suvi Shaw added one win each for their fie points. For Copy Shop, Jake Levine and Corbyn Schade won two games each and also paired up for the doubles win and the draw.

IOM Junior Development (0) Ramsey G (10)

Another whitewash for Ramsey which has catapulted them firmly to the top of division four. There were glimmers of resistance from IOM JD from the bat of Ali Ramirez who took one set off each of the Ramsey players, one was a third set tie break 19-17! The Ramsey team were Wilma Dalugdugan, Francesca Lord and Henry De Silva, the doubles was played by Wilma and Francesca.



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