Weekly Press Report - Week 6

'Peel B top in Division 2 Table Tennis'  

 An action-packed Week 6 of the Fun88 sponsored Isle of Man Table Tennis Association League took place at the NSC last week. It's encouraging to see such promising youngsters playing so well in all 3 divisions. Their growing success is a testament not only to the players themselves, but also to the weekly coaching sessions led by IOMTTA accredited coaches.  


Division 1

 Arbory (6) Travellers B (3)  


Arbory: Mike Tamarov (3); Jason Quirk (3)

Travellers B: Malc Lewis (1); William Shooter (1); Paul Mathieson-Nelson (1)


Arbory were only able to field 2 players in this tie so forfeited 3 points. Paul Mathieson-Nelson stepped up to play for the Travellers B team and acquitted himself well. His tight backhand dominated game worked well against counter hitter Mike Tamarov, but Mike came through to win 11-8 in the 5th. Tamarov had a similarly arduous match with attacking short pips player Malc Lewis, but again came through 11-9 in the 5th set. Arbory now sit 3rd in the table on 38 points after 6 matches. 


Copy Shop A (0) Ramsey A (9)  


Copy Shop A: Ewan Watterson (0); Adam Davies (0); Sasha Thomas (0)

Ramsey A: Duncan Alexander (3); Chris Holland (3); Chris Holmes (3) 


Copy Shop were without Sean Drewry for this tie, so Sasha Thomas bravely stepped in to play in his stead. It was a tough fixture for them however against table toppers Ramsey A. Duncan Alexander kept his 100% record intact after 15 matches with 3 solid wins. Chris Holland beat Adam Davies in 3 sets, albeit Davies put up a brave fight with the final 2 games being settled 12-10 and 14-12. Holland then took 5 sets to see off Watterson in a topsy turvy match. Chris Holmes pipped Adam Davies 12-10 in the 5th set, but managed to see off Thomas and Watterson in 3 sets. Ramsey now sit well clear at the top of the table with 38 points. 


Strathallan (2) Travellers A (7)  


Strathallan: Neil Quane (0); Wayne Taylor (1); Julian Briercliffe (1)

Travellers A: Liam Chan (3); John Shooter (3); David Lovelady (1) 


Strathallan had a tough time of it in this tie with John Shooter and David Lovelady stepping up for the Travellers A team. For the home side, Neil Quane was unable to blast any of his opponents off the table but was able to take a game off Shooter and Chan. Wayne Taylor did well to beat the in-form Lovelady, pulling through 11-9 in the 5th set. Briercliffe followed that with another defeat for Lovelady. Travellers remain 2nd in the table on 42 points, 6 points behind Ramsey but with a fixture in hand. 


Ramsey B (7) Desmonds Douglas A (2) 


Ramsey B: William Dalugdugan (2); Wael Kassim (2); Tim Baker (3)

Desmonds Douglas A: Russell Kent (1); Tommy Cowin (1); Neil Ronan (0)


Tim Baker led the way with efficient 3 set victories against Cowin and Ronan, but had a bit more of a tussle against the in-form Kent, before finally winning in 5 sets having been 2-1 down. Wael Kassim backed Baker up well with 4 set victories against Ronan and Kent, but had no joy against Tommy Cowin, losing in straight sets. William Dalugdugan had an excellent 4 set win against Cowin, and in 4 sets against step up player Ronan with the final 2 going to 11-9 and 14-12. Ramsey B are now 8th in the table with Desmonds in 9th place. 


Ramsey C (1) Tower A (8)


Ramsey C: William Dalugdugan (1); Wilma Dalugdugan (0); Ryan Holland (0)

Tower A: Dave Parsons (3); Ken Mitchell (3); Mike Bayley (2)


Ramsey were unfortunate to be missing 2 of their experienced players for this tie, however this created an opportunity for 2 stars of Division 3 to step up and challenge the Tower A veterans. With a combined age of just 40, compared to their opponents 167 years, it must surely be a record in the top flight! William pushed hard in his 3 matches, and managed to pull through 11-9 in the last against Bayley. Ryan Holland looks to be a star of the future and at just 10 years old proved very capable in all of his matches, as did Wilma Dalugdugan. Their attacking strokes were tough to handle at times for the Tower players, but the 'oldies' managed to hold off the youngsters on this occasion.  


Division 2


Peel B (10) Tower C (0)  


Peel B: Stuart Perry (3); Nathan Evans (3); Maggie Mulhern (3) 

Tower C: MIke Chapman (0); Barry Jenkins (0); Margaret Forsyth (0) 


Peel B are now top of Division 2 after this win, with 47 points, just ahead of their A team. Stu Perry, Nathan Evans and Maggie Mulhern steam-rollered their way past the unfortunate Tower C side with only 2 matches going to 4 sets. 


Travellers C (4) Tower B (6)  


Travellers C: Paul Mathieson-Nelson (3); David Buck (1)

Tower B: Graham McFarlane (2); Simon Radcliffe (2); Dario Mazzotta (1) 


Paul Matthieson-Nelson used all his tenacity to see off the hugely experienced Tower B trio, all in 3 sets. David Buck added a point by beating Mazzotta in 4 sets. Unfortunately for Travellers they could not field a third player so forfeited 3 points. Buck put up a tremendous fight against McFarlane but finally lost 11-7 in the fifth. McFarlane and Radcliffe took the doubles and the match, and the win takes Peel B to second in the table. 


Copy Shop B (3) Peel A (7) 


Copy Shop B: Malcolm Lambert (3); Sonja Shaw (0); Rob Wright (0)

Peel A: Stuart Mason (2); Ronan Thompson (2); Matty Evans (2)


Malcolm Lambert's new bat worked wonders for him as it helped him secure 3 victories over table toppers Stuart Mason, Ronan Thompson and Matty Evans. His match against Mason featured some close games, but Malcolm edged it in the 4th 11-9. Sonja Shaw has been playing well of late but found the competition tough on this occasion, only managing to take Ronan to 5 sets before losing out. Stuart and Matty then took the doubles against Malcolm and Sonja, securing a valuable 7 points. 


Copy Shop C (6) Desmonds Douglas B (4)


Copy Shop C: Kevin Drewry (2); Rob Wright (2); Grant Paterson (2) 

Desmonds Douglas B: Peter Russell (0); Neil Ronan (3); Richard Hill (0) 


Kevin Drewry bagged 2 points against Peter Russell and Richard Hill, but came  a cropper against a confident Neil Ronan. Rob Wright had exactly the same experience as his team mate Kevin, with Neil again being the stumbling block. Grant Paterson earned 2 points also, but yet again Neil proved too strong. Doubles went to Neil and Peter for Desmonds in 5 sets against Kevin and Grant. 


Ramsey D (7) Travellers D (3) 


Ramsey D: Nathan Walker (2); Charlie Callow (3); Sally Green (1) 

Travellers D: Jackie Gill (0); Maurice Campbell (1); Junior Development Player (2) 


Youngsters Nathan and Charlie had tremendous victories over the experienced Campbell and Gill, and then took the doubles to take the match 7-3. Sally Green added a point with her victory over Gill in a battling performance in 5 sets. She had no luck against the gritty defence of Campbell however. This win takes Ramsey to 8th in the table, just outside of the relegation zone. 


Division 3 


Ramsey E (9) Copy Shop D (1) 


Ramsey E: Francesca Lord (2); Lisa Lord (3); Wilma Dalugdugan (3) 

Copy Shop D: Darren Shaw (1); Jake Saulnier (0); Suvi Shaw (0) 


Darren Shaw had a brilliant victory over the in form Francesca Lord in a tense 5 setter. Other than that the Copy Shop trio had no such luck against the excellent Wilma, Francesca, and Lisa. Francesca did well to overcome Jake in 5 close sets, whilst Lisa had a particularly close match against Darren Shaw with the last game going to Lisa 13-11. Ramsey E are now 4th in the table and very much in contention.   


Ramsey G (2) Peel C (8) 


Ramsey G: Megan Lord (0); Geoff Burchill (0); Martyn Howard (2) 

Peel C: Amit Lannin (2); Vlad Lannin (3); Bob Borland (2) 


Only Martyn Howard could dent the progress of a rampaging Peel C side, with his 2 victories over Amit in 5 sets, and Borland in 4. Amit took 5 games to beat Burchill, and his match against Howard looked to be close with the final 2 games going against him 11-9. The doubles was settled in a straightforward 3 sets by Amit and Vlad against Megan and Martyn. Peel C are top of Division 3 with 40 points. 


Copy Shop E (9) Peel D (1)  


Copy Shop E: Ege Niiazi (3); Daniel Levine (2); MIke Levine (3) 

Peel D: Liam Bibby (0); Ali Ramirez (0); James Devereau (1) 


Ege Niiazi continued his excellent progress with 3 solid wins with only James Devereau pushing him before losing out 13-11 in the 4th set. Ege has now won 15 matches out of 15 and is joint top in the Division 3 rankings. Daniel Levine edged out the unfortunate Ali Ramirez in the 5th set 13-11 but then lost out in 5 sets to James. Dad Mike Levine then added a valuable 3 points for Copy Shop to take them to 3rd in the table. 


Picture narrative: 'Sonja Shaw continues to impress for Copy Shop B' 
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