Corby Rothbury 5 Smith (SCR) 2, Arthur (SCR) 2, Appana (SCR) Corby Lyveden Fields 4 Murie (+5) 3, Haynes (SCR).

Westfield “A” 5 Bird (SCR), Stefanov (SCR) 2, Wooding (+6) 2 Higham 4 Bashford (+4) 2, Cummings (+4), Nannery (+4).

Westfield “B” 1 Capusa (SCR) Corby Lakeview 8 Woolston (+14) 3, Bendyk (+14) 3, Hunt (+11) 2.

Harborough “B” 2 Burnham (SCR), Crook (+4), Rothborough Arrows 7 M Watts (+6) 3, H Watts (SCR) 2, Yeomans (+14) 2.

Corby Smash “B” 4 L Hillery (SCR) 2, P Hillery (SCR) 2, Thrapston 5 Briggs (+3) 2, West (SCR), Warliker (SCR) 2.

Corby Lincoln 2 Murie (+7), Woolston (+9), Corby Smash “D” 7 Winter (+12) 3, Lock (+14) 3, Rashford (+14).

Corby Halesowen 4 Knott (SCR), Lathom (SCR) 2, Stone (SCR) Burton Baptist “D” 5 Chatburn (+10) 2, Sanders (+10) 3.

Corby Smash 3 Cockrane (+2), Burrows (+6) 2, Rothborough Buccaneers 5 Jones (+5) 2, Ainsworth (+5) 3.

Westfield “E” 4 Elliott (+8), Grigg (+12) 2, Sturgess (+10) Harborough “C” 5 Dixon (SCR) 2, Coombs (SCR) 3.

Rothborough Comets 7 Mordecai (+4) 2, Lewis (+2) 2, Rowbotham (+6) 3, Burton Baptist “C” 2 Andrews (+15), Biggs (+15).

Old Village 8 B Tyler (+5) 3, Bryant (+8) 3, Bradford (+11) 2 Corby Harrogate 1 Hunt (+4).

Corby Smash “E” 4 P Wilson (+12) 2, Knitter (+1) 2 Harborough “D” 5 McGowan (SCR) 3, Pearson (+2), Palfrey (+6).

Corby Chesham 8 N Preston-Jones (+14) 3, Knox (+`14) 2, C Preston-Jones (+12) 3 Rothborough Dakotas 1 Fleming (SCR).


With no League action this week the first round of the Borough Trophy Knock-out Cup was played. Holders Corby Smash “C” fell at the first hurdle losing 5-3 to Rothborough Buccaneers. Unusually both teams fielded a player short but Lauren Ainsworth’s hard fought 15-21, 23-21, 21-14 win over Alex Cochrane proved decisive.

Last season’s runners up Corby Smash “B” were also knocked out. In another close match Thrapston won 5-4 with no player being undefeated. Steve West’s only victory 21-17, 21-13 over Peter Hillery clinched the tie.

The all Corby clash between Rothbury and Lyveden Fields resulted in a 5-4 score line in favour of Rothbury. Man of the match Kyle Murie’s maximum was not quite enough to secure victory for Lyveden Fields fielding a player short.

Westfield “A” and Higham produced another nail biting finish with Kevin Bird’s 21-19, 21-16 defeat of Geoff Cummings settling the match 5-4 in Westfield’s favour. No player remained unbeaten and the lead changed hands four times.

John McGowan was Harborough “D’s” star player scoring a maximum in their 5-4 victory over Corby Smash “E”. Mark Pearson and Ron Palfrey completed the scoring with victories over the unlucky Tom Reygan.

John Sander’s maximum and Jim Chatburn’s double was just enough to defeat Corby Halesowen 5-4. Burton Baptist “D” led 2-0 but Halesowen levelled at 4-4 before Sanders clinched victory 22-20, 21-15 over Ken Knott. Tom Latham (2) and Neil Stone scored Corby’s other three points.

Westfield “E” led Harborough “C” 3-1 and seemed to be heading for a win. The remaining five games all needed a deciding end with Harborough winning four of them to clinch the 5-4 victory. Phil Dixon took the ninth game 21-12, 21-15, 25-23 but Dave Coombs led the fight back scoring a maximum.

Burton Baptist “D’s” Harry Andrews and Neil Biggs won their first competitive games against Lee Mordecai and Gareth Lewis to take a 2-0 lead over Rothborough Comets. This was as good as it got for Baptists as Pete Rowbotham’s treble and doubles from Mordecai and Lewis took the remaining seven games.

Rothborough Arrows 7-2 win over Harborough “B” did not reflect how close this match was as seven of the nine games needed a third end decider and the other two ends could have gone either way. Martin Watts was man of the match with three very hard fought close wins.

Corby Smash “D’s” Chris Winter and James Locke’s trebles secured a 7-2 victory over Corby Lincoln with Ken Murie and Ann Woolston beating Reece Radford in reply.

Stephen Woolston and Adam Bendyk’s trebles and Nigel Hunt’s double secured an easy 8-1 win for Corby Lakeview over Westfield “B” with Matt Horrock’s 21-17, 22-20 victory over Nigel Hunt preventing the whitewash.

John Hunt’s 24-22, 24-22 victory over Wendy Bradford prevented Old whitewashing Corby Harrogate. The match outcome could have been different had Old not won all the four games needing a deciding end.

Rothborough Dakotas and Corby Chesham shared the first two games before the

Chesham trio of Nick and Chris Preston-Jones and Thomas Knox took the remaining seven games. Chesham are an improving side and Dakotas can feel harshly treated by the handicappers.

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