Millman Salver and Points Cup Quarter Finals Week Commencing Mch17




Westfield “A” 22 Bird (SCR) 7/5, Stefanov (SCR) 7/5, Silk (SCR) 7/5, Bird/Silk (SCR) 1/3 Corby Halesowen 18 Hunt (+7) 4/8, Stone (+7) 7/5, McLaren (+7) 4/8, Hunt/Stone (+7) 3/1. 

Burton Baptist Team Jim 13 Lade (SCR) 3/9, Freeman (+3) 2/10, Tattersall (+1) 6/6, Lade/Tattersall (+1) 2/2 Rothborough Dakotas 27 Yeomans (+6) 6/6, Fleming (+5) 9/3, Taylor (+7) 10/2, Fleming/Taylor (+6) 2/2.

Harborough “B” 19 Burnham (+4) 8/4, Crook (+5) 2/10, Brocklebank (+4) 5/7, Burnham/Brocklebank (+4) 4/0 Higham 21 Bashford (+1) 8/4, Nannery (+2) 6/6, Harrison (+2) 7/5, Bashford/Nannery (+1) 0/4.

Rothborough Arrows W/O Thrapston Kites.


With all Quarter Finals now completed in the three Cup Competitions only last year’s Borough Trophy runners up Rothborough Dakotas and Millman Salver runners up Westfield “A” remain in this season’s competitions.  Westfield “A” specialists in the Millman Salver look hard to beat again and Rothborough Dakotas also cup specialists have booked a semi-final spot.

Westfield “A” started strongly and raced into a 14/6 lead by game five against Corby Halesowen.  Neil Stone, Keith McLaren and John Hunt halved the next three games to halt Westfield’s progress before Kevin Bird’s single point in game nine against Stone settled the tie.  Hunt and Stone’s 3/1 doubles consolation victory reduced Westfield’s winning score to 22/18.

Higham’s 21/19 win over Harborough “B” looked to be another close match but Higham lead 19/9 after seven games and scored the winning point in game nine to lead 21/12.   Harborough won the remaining seven ends to reduce Higham’s victory margin to two points.  Liam Burnham scored eight points for Harborough with Richard Bashford matching him for Higham.

Rothborough Dakotas booked their semi-final spot with a convincing 27/13 victory over Burton Baptist Team Jim.  Unusually the Team Jim youngsters Harry Lade, Ben Freeman and Jacob Tattersall all had a bad match and never managed to cope with Dakotas experienced side’s handicap.  Cathy Fleming and Sally Taylor starred for Dakotas with nine and ten points each.  Burton’s only win was Tattersall’s 3/1 success over Cathy Fleming.

Rothborough Arrows were given a walk-over to the semi-finals after injury hit Thrapston Kites were unable to raise a side.



Burton Baptist “E” (+280) 411 Chatburn 43/126, Mills 21/126, Waterfield 43/126, Waterfield/Chatburn 23/46 Westfield “C” (SCR) 424 Wildman 126/28, Hobbs 126/32, Rushton 126/48, Wildman/Hobbs 46/23.

Burton Baptist “C” (+160) 472 Agg 93/124, Goodman 97/125, Muggleton 94/126, Agg/Goodman 28/42 Harborough “A” (SCR) 417 B Thompson 125/104, N Thompson 124/100, Shield 126/80, Shield/B Thompson 42/28.

Thrapston Falcons (SCR) 406 Payne 128/65, Marray 126/58, Baldock 120/71, Baldock/Payne 32/42 Old Village (+160) 396 Burrows 84/120, Tyler 92/128, Hamson 18/126, Burrows/Tyler 42/32.

Corby Lyveden Fields (SCR) 420 Murie 126/35, Haynes 126/38, Arthur 126/46, Haynes/Arthur 42/33 Corby Halesowen (+260) 412 McLaren 50/126, Hunt 45/126, Woolston 24/126 Hunt/McLaren 33/42.


The all Corby clash between Lyveden Fields and Halesowen ended in a narrow eight point 420/412 win for Lyveden Fields.  Kyle Murie, Chris Haynes and Henry Arthur steadily made in-roads into Halesowen’s 260 point start and there was only a single point difference after nine singles.  John Hunt and Keith McLaren fought hard in the doubles and only conceded another nine points. 

Thrapston Falcons booked their semi-final place with a ten point 406/396 victory over Old Village.  Mike Burrows and Beth Tyler only conceded 62 points in their seven games but Any Hamson’s inexperience showed and he conceded 108 points to the Falcon’s trio Nigel Payne, Antony Marray and Ian Baldock.

In a similar match at Burton Baptist Church Hall Westfield “C” defeated Burton Baptist “E” 424/411.  Sam Wildman, Steve Hobbs and Matt Rushton proved too consistent and made few mistakes in reducing Burton’s 280 point handicap to ten points after nine singles had been played.  Jim Chatburn and Mark Waterfield battled away in the doubles to secure twenty three points to fall thirteen points short.

On an adjoining table club mates Burton Baptist “C” clinched the remaining semi-final spot with a comfortable 472/417 win over Harborough “A”.   Chris Agg, Paul Goodman and Derek Muggleton with a 160 point starting advantage played well above their league form and never really looked like relinquishing their lead.  Kevin Shield gained 46 points on handicap but his higher ranked team mates Barry and Nathan Thompson were unable to match his performance.

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