After the quarter-finals of the Borough Trophy two Premier Division teams and two Division Two teams will contest the semi-finals. 

Westfield A and Corby Rothbury from the top division were both victorious in nail biting 5-4 finishes but Corby Smash D and Corby Chesham from the bottom division had more comfortable 7-2 and 6-3 wins.

Westfield A led 3-0 but Rothborough Arrows levelled at 3-3 before Roumen Stefanov beat Martin Watts to restore Westfield’s lead. 

Tony Yeomans then beat Brian Wooding to level the scores again at 4-4. 

Kevin Bird overcame Sean Smith 13-21, 21-18, 21-19 to gain the winning fifth point.

Corby Rothbury led Harborough C4-1 and a comfortable win looked likely but Dave Coombs and Phil Dixon both beat Dan Appanna for a 4-3 scoreline. 

Game eight proved decisive as Coombs was forced to retire hurt handing victory to Henry Arthur and Rothbury. 

Jamie Burgess had a consolation win over Appanna in game nine.

Although struggling in Division Two Corby Chesham are having greater success in the cup competitions and booked a semi-final spot after overcoming Rothborough Buccaneers 6-3. 

Claire Dixon was Chesham’s match winner scoring a maximum with Lauren Ainsworth replying with a double for Buccaneers. 

The match could have been closer if Buccaneers had managed to win any of the four games needing a deciding end.

A maximum for Dominic Elrington and doubles from Andy Frearson and Chris Winter secured the remaining semi-final place for Corby Smash D in their 7-2 win over Corby Lakeview. 

Rob Warrander and Stephen Woolston’s single victories made the final score more respectable.


Westfield A 5 Bird (SCR) 2, Stefanov (SCR) 2, Wooding (+2) Rothborough Arrows 4 Yeomans (+16) 2, Smith (+11), M Watts (+11)

Corby Rothbury 5 Welsman (SCR) 2, Arthur (SCR) 3, Harborough C 4 Dixon (+10) 2, Coombs (+12), Burgess (+11)

Corby Lakeview 2 Warrender (SCR), Woolston (SCR) Corby Smash D 7 Frearson (+9) 2, Winter (+12) 2, Elrington (+14) 3

Corby Chesham 6 N Dixon (+10) 2, C Dixon (+12) 3, Preston-Jones (+11) Rothborough Buccaneers 3 Ainsworth (SCR) 2, Linnett (+2)


Although Corby Smash A played their strongest side for only the second time this season they proved no match for Corby Lakeview and were soundly beaten 495/422 in the Points Cup

Consistent play throughout by the Lakeview trio Rob Warrander, Stephen Woolston and Nigel Hunt scored a 73 point victory and consolation for their defeat in the Borough Trophy.

The round’s closest encounter was Burton Baptist D’s two point win over Westfield E. 

Sidney Wright beat Jim Chatburn 21-14, 21-12 to give Westfield a 16 point advantage and after seven singles had been played Westfield still maintained their 16 point advantage. 

Game eight proved decisive to the final result when Chatburn beat Bronwen Grigg 21-7, 21-8 to give Baptist the lead for the first time.

Sidney Wright reduced the lead to six points in the final singles before Chatburn and John Sanders scored 35 points in the doubles to secure victory 353/351.

Corby Lincoln beat Burton Baptist B 427/420 in another close and exciting finish.

Baptist B conceded a massive 240 point start and gradually reduced this lead to twenty six points after nine singles had been played. 

Needing 17 points to secure a win in the doubles Lincoln hung on and scored 23 points for a final seven point advantage. 

Ken Murie was Lincoln’s star player dropping only 53 points against much higher ranked opponents.

Ivor Jones starred for Rothborough Dakotas in their 411/373 win over Corby Smash E. 

With Smash having a 100 point start Jones’ 126/52 score was a significant factor in reducing this deficit. 

Young George Marshall in his first competitive match performed well but probably needed a few points from the handicappers. 

Beth Tyler was Old Village’s star performer in her side’s 450/410 win over Thrapston. 

With father Alan and Wendy Bradford both only scoring 64 points each her tally of 90 points was the difference between victory and defeat.

With skipper Richard Elliott not playing Higham never looked like overcoming their 180 point handicap over Rothborough Arrows. 

Helen Watts, Sean Smith and Julian Marlow never looked in danger of being defeated and had the game all wrapped up without having to play the doubles.


Westfield E (SCR) 351 Wright 123/86, Elliott 114/106, Grigg 76/126, Wright/Elliott 38/35 Burton Baptist D (SCR) 353 Chatburn 106/89, Sanders 113/108, Marks 99/116, Chatburn/Sanders 35/38

Rothborough Dakotas (SCR) 411 Yeomans 127/94, Jones 126/52, Taylor 116/96, Jones/Taylor 42/31 Corby Smash E (+100) 373 Wilson 95/127, Reygan 90/116, Marlow 57/126, Wilson/Reygan 31/42

Rothborough Arrows (+180) 432 H Watts 101/116, Smith 73/123, Marlow 78/126, Higham (SCR) 365 Bashford 123/86, Nannery 123/78, Harrison 119/88

Corby Lincoln (+240) 427 Murie 73/126, Woolston 31/126, Donaldson 60/126, Murie/Donaldson 23/42 Burton Baptist B (SCR) 420 Gulbicki 126/62, Hoodha 126/44, Agg 126/58, Agg/Gulbicki 42/23

Thrapston (SCR) 410 Briggs 122/72, Warliker 125/76, Hickson 126/70, Briggs/Warliker 37/32 Old Village (+200) 450 B Tyler 90/125, A Tyler 64/122, Bradford 64/126, Tyler/Tyler 32/37

Corby Smash A (SCR) 422 C Wilson 126/71, S Wilson 126/75, A Wilson 128/81, S Wilson/C Wilson 42/28 Corby Lakeview (+240) 495 Warrender 75/126, Woolston 89/128, Hunt 63/126, Woolston/Hunt 28/42

Rothborough Comets W/O Harborough B (Conceded)

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