Cup Competition Rules


1.        All players must be registered with the League and can only play for one team in the competition.  Should the competition be split into two sections, players can only represent one team, not one team in each section.

2.        Matches will consist of 10 sets, 2 games per set including a doubles set.  Doubles pairings to consist of 2 of the 3 nominated players.  Games to be played up to 21. Should the score reach 20 all, a 2 point difference must be played for.

3.        Teams will be handicapped on the three highest ranked players. Should a team be unable, or choose not, to play these players and so wish for an adjustment to be made to the team handicap, a request should be made by telephone to a member of the Cup Organising Committee at least 24 hrs before the match is due to be played. Any adjustment is at the discretion of that committee.

4.        The final should be played on neutral premises, unless agreed previously by the two finalists.

5.        A neutral Referee will be appointed for each final.

6.        Any query or matter arising not covered by these rules should be referred to the League Committee via the Cup Organiser.

7.        If the Points Cup is organised on a Group basis, additional rules will be circulated with the draw and handicaps.

8.        League matches may be postponed to enable cup matches to be played by the appropriate date.  The Fixture Secretary and Cup Organiser must be informed before the postponement.

9.        The result recorded and signed for as correct by both captains will be accepted as correct by the Cup Organiser.

10.   If a match finishes in a tie, the doubles scores will be discounted, and further doubles played with players selected from the singles participants.



1.       Shirley Everard Points Cup Rules 1, 4, 5, 6, 8 & 9 will also apply to the Borough Trophy and Millman Salver.

2.       Additional Rules as per appropriate score sheet.

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