Higham came through what was a great match in the Millman Salver where there were no more than two points separating the teams until the doubles.

Corby took a slender lead when Henry Arthur beat Mark Nannery 3-1 with Richard Bashford then levelling the match, beating Kyle Murie by the same score.

Richard Elliott and Chris Haynes shared the spoils and tied 2-all.

Kyle started convincingly against Mark going into a 3-0 lead but the experience of Mark showed when he took the final end.

The match was level at 14-14 before Mark got an excellent 3-1 win over Chris.

Higham then sealed the match winning the first two ends of the doubles.

Westfield A beat Premier opposition Burton A.

Burton made a solid start when Jacek Koltuniuk got the better of Kevin Bird 3-1.

Westfield then took the next two games 3-1 with Brian Wooding beating his jinx player Alex Aston and Roumen Stefanov had a good night winning 3-1 against both Martin Hall and Jacek.

Burton were trailing going into the eight singles match and needed a good win and Jacek provided that with an excellent 3-1 win over Brian.

Westfield held their nerve and took the doubles 3-1 to narrowly win on the night.

Rothborough Arrows and Westfield B tied the first game 2-2, but from there on in  it was one way traffic as Rothborough won at a canter.

The star player was Helen Watts who won all her games 4-0, 4-0 and 3-1.

The Westfield team seemingly had an unusually bad night.     

Kites came through another close encounter where Westfield E could not have asked for a better start winning the first eight legs.

Geoff Judd then halved the score by beating Eleanor Smyth 4-0.

Games five and six were shared with Kites then stepping it up winning the next couple 3-1 and 4-0.

Eleanor, making her first cup appearance, was very unlucky losing four deuce games to Stewart Williams.

Burton Baptist Team Jim took the first game 4-0 courtesy of the star man of the night Harry Lade. Six of the next seven games were all shared before Burton won the final singles and doubles 4-0.

Another person making his first cup appearance was James of Corby.

Corby Halesowen’s match against Old Village also provided another tight finish which also went down to the doubles.

Charlie Poppy was in good form for Old Village winning nine of his twelve ends.

After six games Corby looked to be in control leading 15-9, but two great 4-0 wins as a result of Anthony beating Ann and Charlie beating John  so giving Old Village the slender lead.

The match went into the doubles with points tied at 18-18 but Corby came through to win the final game of the night 3-1.

Harborough B overcame Harborough E.

It looked like this match was going down to the wire when the first three games were all shared.

However, the B team tipped the cup tie in their favour, winning thirteen of the next sixteen ends. Ron Palfrey kept the tie alive having a good win over Liam Burnham 3-1. 

Results: Corby Lyveden Fields 17 Murie (+3) 6/6 Haynes (+2) 5/7 Arthur (+2) 6/6 Haynes/Arthur (+2) 0/2 Higham 21 Elliott (SCR) 7/5 Bashford (+2) 7/5 Nannery (+2) 5/7 Elliott/Bashford (+1) 2/0

Burton Baptist A 19 Koltuniuk (+4) 7/5 Aston (+3) 5/7 Hall (+3) 6/6 Aston/Hall (+3) 1/3 Westfield A 21 Bird (SCR) 5/7 Wooding (+2) 5/7 Stefanov (SCR) 8/4 Bird/Wooding (SCR) 3/1

Rothborough Arrows 25 H Watts (+4) 11/1 M Watts (+6) 8/4 Smith (+6) 7/5  Westfield B 10 Capusa (+1) 5/7  Smalley (SCR) 4/8 Bird (+1) 1/11

Thrapston Kites 21 Williams (SCR) 6/6 Hickson (+1) 4/8 Judd (+2) 9/3 Williams/Judd (+1) 2/2 Westfield E 19 Wright (+5) Grigg (+7) Smyth (+8) Wright/Grigg (+6)

Burton Baptist Team Jim 25 Lade (SCR) 10/2 Freeman (+2) 5/7 Tattersall (+1) 6/6 Freeman/Tattersall (+1) 4/0 Corby Smash D 15 Locke (+7) 4/8 Winter (+7) 5/7 Morgan (+6) 6/6 Morgan/Winter (+6) 0/4

Corby Halesowen 21 Stone (SCR) 7/5 Woolston (+5) 4/8 Hunt (SCR) 7/5 Stone/Hunt (SCR) 3/1 Old Village 19 Poppy (+6) 9/3 Harris (+6) 3/9 Banner (+7) 6/6 Poppy/Banner (+6) 1/3

Harborough E 17 McGowan (+2) 4/8 Radford (+6) 2/10 Palfrey (+6) 8/4 Radford/Palfrey (+6) 3/1 Harborough B 23 Burnham (SCR) 7/5 Crook (SCR) 5/7 Brocklebank (SCR) 10/2 Burnham/Crook (SCR) 1/3

Rothborough Dakotas 27 Corby Smash C 13

Kettering Town, probably with one eye on the Premier League title, were well beaten by Rothborough Arrows in the Borough Trophy.

Mike Hawes is struggling to find some consistent form due to work commitments this season and lost all of his matches close in the third end.

John Fuller ran Helen Watts close before losing out 21-18 in the decider. John then made amends by winning Kettering’s solitary point by beating the inform Sean Smith in two deuces.

Martin Watts made good use of the handicaps by getting the better of Nigel Metcalfe 21-18 in the third.

Thrapston Kites overcame Corby Smash D as the experience of Peter Briggs started the night off by narrowly edging out Alex Cochrane 23-21 in the decider.

Chris Winter, who has only played in a couple of league matches this season, had good wins over Stewart Williams and Geoff Judd.

He, however, just fell short of gaining an excellent hat trick by losing out to Peter 21-18 in the third.

Over the night five of the games went to deuce in the deciding end but Kites managed to win four of them.

Gareth Clarke had a creditable win over Peter.

Corby Smash B were only able to field two players but the ever improving Sam and Adam Wilson came through in style beating good cup opponents Dakotas.

Even though Smash won the match Dakotas could still count themselves a little unlucky by losing eight deuce ends on the night.

Harborough B, also fielding two players, managed to get the better of Westfield E.

Liam Burnham and Steve Crook were determined to win this match and got revenge for losing to the same team in last season’s Points Cup semi-finals.

The Westfield girls are improving week on week as Sidney Wright got their only win beating Steve game nine in the decider.

Thrapston Eagles, who are struggling in the league, are proving to be a tough team to crack in the cups.

They had a very hard match in prospect against Old Village but came through.

The first two games were shared firstly with Mike Burrows having an excellent win over Ian Donaldson 21-19 in the decider before Chris Warliker levelled by edging out Richard in two deuces.

Beth Tyler put Old Village back in front with a straight games win over Mark Stockley, both to 14.

Later on Beth had another good win over Chris but just fell short losing out to Ian 25-23 in the decider.

Corby Smash A could be the team to avoid in the next round.

With both Colin Wilson and Tony West turning out Burton Baptist C were always going to be up against it.

Mike Ainsworth was Corby’s third player, however he had a bad night losing all his games two straight.

Colin and Tony had a fairly comfortable night winning all their games without dropping an end.   

Results: Kettering Town 1 Fuller (SCR) Rothborough Arrows 5 H Watts (+10) 2 M Watts (+12) 2 Smith (+12)

Corby Smash D 3 Winter (+14) 2 Clarke (+10) Thrapston Kites 6 Briggs (SCR) 2 Williams (SCR) 2 Judd (+4) 2

Corby Smash B 5 S Wilson (SCR) 2 A Wilson (SCR) 3 Rothborough Dakotas 4 Fleming (+12) Yeomans (+13) 2 Taylor (+14)

Westfield E 4 Wright (+10) 2 Elliott (+11) Grigg (+14) Harborough B 5 Burnham (SCR) 3 Crook (SCR) 2

Old Village 3 Burrows (+8) Tyler (+9) 2 Thrapston Eagles 6 Stockley (SCR) 2 Warliker (+1) 1 Donaldson (+2) 2

Corby Smash A 6 West (SCR) 3 Wilson (SCR) Burton Baptist C 3 Agg (+13) Muggleton (+13) Marshall (+14)

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