With no league action this week in the Kettering and District Table Tennis League the first round of the Shirley Everard Points Cup was played. 

Holders Thrapston Falcons are no longer in the eague but the remaining Thrapston side are hoping to keep the Thrapston club’s name on the trophy after a narrow five point victory over undefeated Premier Division side Westfield A. 

The result could have gone either way but Thrapston squeezed home by taking 20 points from the doubles pairing of Bob Hickson and Peter Briggs over Roumen Stefanov and Kevin Bird.

Burton Baptist D’s victory over Corby Smash D was also decided in the doubles. 

Burton D led by nine points after the singles and John Sanders and Jim Chatburn increased the lead to twelve points taking the doubles 37/34 over Chris Winter and Andy Frearson.

Premier Division strugglers Harborough B eased home against Division One joint-leaders Corby Smash B by 29 points. 

After eight singles had been played Harborough B were in front by six points and either side could have won.  

Liam Burnham easily beat Lewis Hillery 21-6, 21-14 and increased the lead to twenty eight points and overall victory was assured.

Harborough D and Rothborough Comets fought out another close finish with Comets easing home in the doubles. 

Harborough D’s 120 point advantage had been reduced to seven after nine singles had been played. 

Alan Brisley and Lee Mordecai beat David Coombs and Ron Palfrey 21/8, 21/15 to secure the overall victory.

With a 180 point advantage Westfield D’s trio of Paul Malpass, Chris Alder and Duncan Brudenall’s consistent play throughout proved decisive in their 46 point success over Corby Lyveden Fields.

Father and daughter combination of Beth and Alan Tyler proved to be Old Village’s trump cards in their 50 point win over Harborough C. 

Securing ten ends between them made Harborough C’s task impossible to overcome their 80 point starting deficit.

Westfield C’s starting deficit of 200 points was always going to be difficult against Corby Lakeview but with Rob Warrander, Stephen Woolston and Adam Bendyk all taking ends it became impossible and they slumped to a 76 point defeat.

Burton Baptist C fielded their weakest side of Harrison Andrews, Sam Tattersall and Neil Biggs against a much more experienced Westfield E side of Sidney Wright, Evie Elliott and Bronwen Grigg and were overwhelmed 491/277.

Corby Smash C and Harborough A became the latest teams to realise that it is virtually impossible to win a Points Cup match with only two players.

Having conceded 126 points Corby Smash C were beaten 431/287 by club mates Smash E and Rothborough Arrows easily defeated Harborough A 425/273.


Westfield D (+180) 472 Malpass 86/126, Alder 93/132, Brudenall 80/126, Malpass/Brudenall 33/42 Corby Lyveden Fields (SCR) 426 Murie 126/75, Moore 126/84, Sparrow 132/100, Moore/Sparrow 42/33

Westfield A (SCR) 420 Stefanov 126/62, Bird 126/59, Silk 126/64, Stefanov/Bird 42/20 Thrapston (+220) 425 Briggs 56/126, Hickson 63/126, Warliker 66/126, Hickson/Briggs 20/42

Rothborough Arrows (+40) 425 M Watts 120/78, H Watts 116/79, Marlow 107/74, M Watts/Marlow 42/42 Harborough A (SCR) 273 Thompson 122/102, Shield 109/115, Shield/Thompson 42/42

Westfield C (SCR) 405 Hobbs 120/83, Rushton 124/86, Mistry 117/81, Hobbs/Rushton 44/31 Corby Lakeview (+200) 481 Warrender 101/124, Woolston 74/117, Bendyk 75/120, Woolston/Bendyk 31/44

Harborough B (SCR) 394 Burnham 133/108, Brocklebank 112/114, Crook 111/106, Burnham/Brocklebank 38/37 Corby Smash B (SCR) 365 P Hillery 131/115, L Hillery 94/116, T Hillery 103/125, T Hillery/P Hillery 37/38

Corby Smash C (SCR) 287 Burrows 126/42, Elrington 119/92, Burrows/Elrington 42/31 Corby Smash E (+140) 431Marlow 86/77, Wilson 92/84, Reygan 82/84, Marlow/Wilson 31/42

Harborough D (+120) 389 Coombs 98/107, Smith 55/126, Palfrey 93/126, Coombs/Palfrey 23/42 Rothborough Comets (SCR) 401 Lewis 118/84, Brisley 121/89, Mordecai 120/73, Brisley/Mordecai 42/23

Burton Baptist D (SCR) 369 Chatburn 116/111, Sanders 109/103, Waterfield 107/109, Chatburn/Sanders 37/34 Corby Smash D (SCR) 357 Winter 123/100, Frearson 122/106, Lock 78/126, Winter/Frearson 34/37

Burton Baptist C (SCR) 277 Andrews 102/119, Tattersall 80/122, Biggs 68/128, Andrews/Biggs 27/42 Westfield E (+80) 491 Wright 126/62, Elliott 125/85, Grigg 118/103, Wright/Elliott 42/27

Old Village (+80) 418 B Tyler 106/98, Bradford 66/126, A Tyler 128/103, Tyler/Tyler 38/41 Harborough C (SCR) 368 Burgess 114/102, Allington 114/90, Dixon 99/108, Allington/Burgess 41/38

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