Rothborough Exocets (+280) 493 Mordecai 94/118, Taylor 46/126, Marshall 37/126, Taylor/Mordecai 36/37 Burton Baptist “C” (SCR) 407 Gulbicki 126/33, Goodman 126/69, K Marshall 118/75, Gulbicki/Goodman 37/36.

Corby “B” (SCR) 400 Arthur 126/65, Moore 119/95, Robertson 116/71, Arthur/Robertson 39/32 Burton Baptist “B” (+40) 306 Koltuniuk 96/117, Manji 74/118, Crasto 64/126, Koltuniuk/Manji 32/39.

Corby “A” (SCR) 420 Murie 127/75, Warrender 125/74, Haynes 126/50, Haynes/Murie 42/33 Burton Baptist Team Jim (+240) 472 H Lade 94/125, Freeman 60/126, B Lade 45/127, H Lade/Freeman 33/42.

Rothborough Buccaneers (+300) 515 Jones 61/126, Saywood 64/127, Smith 76/126, Jones/Saywood 14/42 Higham (SCR) 421 Allsop 126/61, Elliott 126/57, Harrison 127/83, Elliott/Harrison 42/14.

Westfield “C” (SCR) 420 Hobbs 126/48, Malpas 126/69, Alder 126/63, Malpas/Hobbs 42/24, Rothborough Dakotas (+200) 404 Fleming 58/126, Steele 59/126, Rowbotham 63/126, Rowbotham/Fleming 24/42.

Harborough “B” (SCR) 420 Burnham 126/56, Crook 126,39, Burgess 126/41, Crook/Burnham 42/13 Westfield “D” (+300) 469 Wright 59/126, Elliott 52/126, Grigg 25/126, Wright/Elliott 13/42.

Harborough “D” W/O Westfield “B”

Harborough “E” W/O Kettering Town “A”




Burton Baptist Team Jim quickly bounced back from losing on the previous evening in the Borough Trophy with a fine 472/20 win over Corby “A” to gain a place in the quarter final draw of the Shirley Everard Points Cup.  Harry Lade’s magnificent 94/125 return against premier division Corby “A’s” trio Kyle Murie, Chris Haynes and Rob Warrender was the difference between the two teams.


Westfield “C’s” 420/404 defeat of Rothborough Dakotas was decided in game 9.  Dakotas were still 31 points in front and the match result could have gone either way.  Steve Hobbs recently returned from a knee operation demolished veteran David Steele 21/6, 21/7 reducing the deficit to only two points.  Hobbs then teamed up with Paul Malpas to take the doubles 21/13, 21/11 and overall victory by 16 points.


2nd Division bottom side Westfield “D” took full advantage of their 320 point handicap over Harborough “B” to win 469/420.  Harborough made a brave attempt to overhaul the deficit but Evie Elliott and Sidney Wright with 59 and 52 points each proved a step too far for Liam Burnham, Steve Crook and Sam Burgess.


After a narrow victory over Rothborough Dakotas in the Borough Trophy on the previous evening Higham found club mates Buccaneers a different proposition and fell 94 points short of the required target.  Consistent play by Ivor Jones, Luke Saywood and Sean Smith enabled Buccaneers to reach the 421 point victory target after game 7.


With Corby “B” only 16 points ahead of Burton Baptist “B” in the league, this was expected to be a close game with Burton awarded 40 points start by the handicappers.  Henry Arthur, Aaron Moore and Chris Robertson all hit form and only dropped two ends all night and ran out easy winners 400/36.


Lee Mordecai was Rothborough Exocets star player with a 94/118 return in their 493/407 victory over Burton Baptist “C”.  Playing way above his ranking he beat Kelvin Marshall 40/34 and only lost 34/42 to Paul Goodman and even took 20 points off premier league player Darius Gulbicki.  Then partnering Sally Taylor the pair achieved a half in the doubles.






Westfield “B” 5 Smalley (SCR) 3, Bailey (+2) 2 Burton Baptist Team Jim 4 Sanders (+13) 2, Freeman (+14), H Lade (+12).

Old Village 8 Tyler (+13) 3, Burrows (+13) 3, Bryant (+16) 2 Burton Baptist “D” 1 Smith (+5).

Rothborough Dakotas 8 Rowbotham (+12) 3, Fleming (+12) 2, Yeomans (+14) 2 Thrapston Kites 1 Williams (+1).

Higham 5 Elliott (SCR) 2, Bannister (+1) 2, Bashford (+1) Harborough “B” 4 Allington (+14) 2, Coombs (+14), Dixon (+13).




After this week’s quarter finals of the Borough Trophy two Premier Division teams and two 2nd Division Teams will contest the semi-finals. Higham and Westfield “B” from the top division were both victorious in nail biting 5-4 finishes but Old Village and Rothborough Dakotas from the bottom division both had comfortable 8-1 wins.


After six matches Harborough “D” led Higham 4-2 and had victory in their grasp.  Pete Bannister led the recovery with a 22-20, 21-19 win over Phil Dixon.  Richard Bashford’s only win over previously unbeaten Vaughan Allington levelled the scores and Higham skipper Richard Elliott settled the tie 23-21 in the deciding end over the unlucky Dave Coombs.


Dan Smalley secured Westfield “B’s” win over Burton Baptist Team Jim with a 21-19 victory over Ben Freeman in game eight.   Dan Smalley’s triple and Richie Bailey’s double accounted for Westfield’s 5 points.  John Sanders was Team Jim’s star player with victories over Bailey and Matt Rushton.


Pete Rowbotham and Anthony Yeomans both had maximums in an easy 8-1 win over Thrapston Kites.  Cathy Fleming scored a double and was only beaten by Stewart Williams.


Beth Tyler and Mike Burrows maximums secured the last semi-final place for Old Village in their 8-1 win over Burton Baptist “D”.  Richard Bryant won twice and was only denied a maximum by Steve Smith.  Old wrapped up the game winning the first five matches but the scoreline would have been a lot different if Burton could have forced some wins from four of these requiring 
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