Higham remain top of the pile in the Premier Division after a 9-1 win over relegation-threatened Westfield C.

The leaders raced into a 2-0 lead but were pegged back when Bhavika Mistry crushed Mark Nannery.

Steve Hobbs almost levelled it as he went down in five ends to Richard Bashford before Higham raced home.

They won the remaining six games, with Mistry taking Bashford the distance the only scare.

Their lead was cut to four points by Westfield A – who have a game in hand – the following night at Church Langton.

Their 10-0 success at bottom side Harborough B was of little surprise, although Steve Silk was made to work hard to beat Liam Burnham in game nine with two deuce ends.

Next week’s match against Kettering Town may prove pivotal in the reigning champions’ bid for title glory yet again.

Kettering Town edged out Westfield B 6-4 in what was undoubtedly the game of the week.

Town got off to a flying start and led 5-2 when John Fuller beat Dan Smalley 3-0 in a classic attack versus defence encounter and Ian Johnston scraped past Matt Horrocks in five.

Bogdan Capusa reduced the arrears with a deciding-game win against Fuller and Smalley thumped Nigel Metcalfe to reduce them even further to 5-4.

But Fuller and Metcalfe’s doubles experience won the game as they hammered Smalley and Capusa 3-0.

Corby Smash A won this week’s steel derby with a 7-3 win against Corby Lyveden Fields.

The father-son duo of Colin and Sam Wilson won all seven points for the visitors, although Colin had a scare against Chris Haynes in game nine.

For Lyveden Fields, Haynes, Kyle Murie and Adam Bendyk all beat Pete Hillery.

Results: Higham 9 (Elliott 3, Bashford 3, Nannery 2, Elliott/Bashford) Westfield C 1 (Mistry), Harborough B 0 Westfield A 10 (Bird 3, Silk 3, Wooding 3, Bird/Wooding), Kettering Town 6 (Fuller 2, Metcalfe 2, Johnston, Fuller/Metcalfe) Westfield B 4 (Capusa 2, Smalley 2), Corby Lyveden Fields 3 (Haynes, Murie, Bendyk) Corby Smash A  (C Wilson 3, S Wilson 3, Wilson/Wilson)

Team of the week: Kettering Town

Player of the week: Richard Bashford

The result outstanding from the previous week in Division One saw Halesowen defeat Smash C 7-3, owing to an oversight when an ineligible player was chosen to play for Smash C.

This meant that Ken Knott got a hat-trick, his second consecutive, although he last played in week 12.

He needed five to beat Alex Cochrane, who also needed five - and came from two down - to beat Tom Lathom, who otherwise got a double.

Callum Donaldson took an end off both Cochrane and Mike Burrows and contributed hugely with Knott to a very tight doubles.

The top two met at Montsaye and the lead changed hands with Burton A overcoming Arrows 7-3.

Dave Needham continues his imperious form with four straight end victories which keeps him comfortably at the top of the averages.

Dariusz Gulbicki started by rebuffing a comeback from a generally under par Helen Watts to win in five, then beat brother Martin before losing in five to Sean Smith.

Smith and Martin Watts (in five) beat Denise Jacobi, who in turn finished with a win over Helen Watts and the doubles which keeps in sight an unbeaten doubles record for the season for the Burton team.

The average 13-7 win for Burton A over the two matches may be the difference between first and second at the end of the season.

The Burton B team didn’t fare as well with a 3-7 loss to Westfield, as earlier in the season.

Again David George did a lot of the damage with a straight end hat-trick – his second consecutive - ably supported by a double from Paul Malpass.

Chris Alder made one of his occasional appearances and beat Nash Hooda in five, but couldn’t do the same to Chris Agg.

Derek Muggleton beat Alder to take Burton 3-2 up at that stage before the strong conclusion from Westfield.

Lakeview versus Smash B was a very tight game with only the first game over quickly.

Four games went the distance and there were deuces galore.

Alex Cochrane was involved in two of the tightest when he beat Stephen Woolston 16-14 in the decider and won an end 17-15 in a five end defeat to Nigel Hunt.

Cochrane was Smash’s best player with two magnificent wins, against Woolston – ranked 36 places ahead – and Adam Bendyk, 28 places higher and it was only maximum man Hunt who denied him.

It was Hunt’s second treble and he avenged an earlier defeat by Peter Hillery.

Even the doubles went to five, with Bendyk and Woolston coming from two down against Peter and Tyler Hillery to take the last four games and the narrowest of victories.

After Mike Burrows beat Phil Dixon in five and Andy Logan beat Jamie Burgess in three Smash C were two up against Harborough C.

Harborough C then accelerated away to win all the rest with only the doubles going the distance, for an 8-2 win.

Dave Coombs got a maximum only dropping one end, his second of the season, and Burgess and Dixon got a pair each and teamed up for that close doubles after being pegged back from two up.

Thrapston’s 10-0 defeat of Buccaneers doesn’t tell the story of the fighting qualities of Buccaneers as only three games were brief, involving all six players.

Ivor Jones was the closest to a win in the eighth game coming from two down against Chris Warliker but in the end Warliker, Pete Briggs and Stewart Williams ensured an improved victory and they break the 100 points barrier to go four points ahead of Lakeview into fourth.

Results: Burton Baptist B 3 (Agg, Hooda, Muggleton) Westfield D 7 (George 3, Malpass 2, Alder, George/Malpass), Corby Halesowen 7 (Knott 3, Lathom 2, Donaldson, Donaldson/Knott) Corby Smash C 3 (Cochrane 2, Burrows), Corby Lakeview 6 (Hunt 3, Bendyk, Woolston, Bendyk/Woolston) Corby Smash B 4 (Cochrane 2, P Hillery, T Hillery), Corby Smash C 2 (Burrows, Logan) Harborough C 8 (Coombs 3, Burgess 2, Dixon 2, Burgess/Dixon), Rothborough Arrows 3 (Smith 2, M Watts) Burton Baptist A 7 (Needham 3, Gulbicki 2, Jacobi, Jacobi/Needham), Thrapston 10 (Briggs 3, Williams 3, Warliker 3, Williams/Warliker) Rothborough Buccaneers 0

Player of the week: Alex Cochrane

Team of the week: Burton Baptist A

When Old Village won 6-4 at Burton Baptist C in Division Two, Rothborough Comets were left requiring four points to gain promotion.

With Burton Baptist D only fielding two players, Comets needed to win just one game.

Pete Rowbotham picked up the point in the first game of the evening when he eased through against Mark Waterfield 11-3, 11-6, 11-5.

The three main contributors for Comets this season, Rowbotham, Gareth Lewis and Lee Mordecai, went on to complete a 10-0 win without losing an end.

Comets will now be looking to take the title in the next round of matches.

Old Village gained their win despite good performances by Kelvin Marshall and Samuel Tattersall of Burton Baptist C.

Marshall still has a chance of completing an unbeaten season after yet another maximum.

Tattersall began by losing 11-6 in the fifth end against Beth Tyler, then just missed out 11-9 in a decider versus Alan Tyler but was finally rewarded when he beat Richard Bryant 14-12, 11-6, 3-11, 5-11, 11-8.

Braces for Alan and Beth Tyler, a single for Bryant and a doubles win took Old to the victory.

Second placed Harborough D were made to fight all the way for a 5-5 draw at Corby Smash D.

Andy Frearson of Smash became the first player to beat John McGowan in straight ends this season.

He was also victorious against Ron Palfrey and Danny Verrall in a superb display.

Chris Winter registered a brace for Smash - his only defeat came against McGowan.

With all three Harborough players beating Dominic Elrington, the score stood at 4-5 going into the doubles.

The Harborough pair of McGowan and Palfrey kept their nerve to win the final end 16-14 to avoid defeat.

The match between Corby Lincoln and Corby Smash E was closely contested with only two of the singles being decided in three ends.

Piotr Knitter hit an eighth maximum for Smash who won 6-4.

Neil Marlow came through deciders against Ann Woolston and Callum Donaldson but lost to Ken Murie who bagged a brace for Lincoln.

Donaldson beat Tom Reygan whilst Reygan won against Woolston in another decider.

Trebles for Sidney Wright and Evie Elliott took Westfield E to a 7-3 win against Corby Chesham at Weavers Leisure Centre.

Both players lost just one end.

Eleanor Smyth was unlucky not to add to the total as she lost on a fifth end deuce against Nick Preston-Jones.

Nathan and Claire Dixon also beat Smyth.

Results: Rothborough Comets 10 (Rowbotham 3, Lewis 3, Mordecai 3, Lewis/Mordecai) Burton Baptist D 0, Burton Baptist C 4 (Marshall 3, Tattersall) Old Village 6 (A Tyler 2, B Tyler 2, Bryant, Tyler/Tyler), Corby Smash D 5 (Frearson 3, Winter 2) Harborough D 5 (McGowan 2, Palfrey, Verrall, McGowan/Palfrey), Corby Lincoln 4 (Murie 2, Donaldson, Murie/Donaldson) Corby Smash E 6 (Knitter 3, Marlow 2, Reygan), Westfield E 7 (Wright 3, Elliott 3, Wright/Elliott) Corby Chesham 3 (N Dixon, C Dixon, N Preston-Jones)

Player of the Week: Andy Frearson    

Team of the Week: Corby Smash D

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