Kingfisher I Finish As Runners-Up And Qualify For Play-Offs

 FEBRUARY 19 2012 - Kingfisher I complete a great season in the Senior British League by achieving three wins and a draw to finish as runners-up in Division One South-West-North.  In finishing second, the team now has the opportunity of promotion to the Premier Division via the play-offs which will be held over the weekend of May 19th and 20th at the Ormesby Club in Middlesbrough.

The Kingfisher team - from left to right: Team Manager Colin Dyke with Myles Collins, Lloyd Gregory, Wiktor Dzwonkowski  and Daniel O'Connell.

We entered the final round of four matches, held at BATTS in Harlow, with a single point lead over third-placed Guernsey ... and knowing we still had to play Guernsey in our penultimate match!   It proved to be very close, as Colin Dyke reports:

BykkImIIiByBKingfisher entered the final round of matches, held at BATTSBeat Mossford 7-1   Started with an excellent 7-1 win over Mossford. Wiktor had great wins over Euan Liddle (3-1) and Keith Lesser (3-0) whilst Lloyd excelled against Didier Ngoma (3-1). Daniel cruised past both Matthew Spero and Didier Ngoma (3-0) whilst Myles struggled but still overcame Lesser and Spero in 5. Just one loss – Lloyd to Liddle, who he had beaten first half.

Beat Ashford 8-0   Only Lloyd stretched to beat John Robinson in 5 but got there in the end.

Drew Guernsey 4-4   This was Sunday morning and Guernsey still had to play hitherto unbeaten Ormesby in their last match. We only needed a point to finish runners-up (provided we won our last match) but could relax a bit because they would certainly lose to Ormesby.  BUT WAIT.  Suddenly Ormesby were down to 3 players due to illness and a draw or win for us became essential just in case the unlikely happened.  Lloyd got us off to a good start but it was a close win at deuce in the fifth over Alice Loveridge. Wiktor played brilliantly against Gary Dodd but missed out at 13 in the fifth in unfortunate circumstances.  At 13-13 he hit a winner, only for a ball to come in to the court and a let was called . Gary then got a thin edge and the next point and the match was lost.  Daniel saw off Phil Ogier 3-1 whilst Myles found Olly Langlois a bit too strong. (2-2).  Lloyd then found Dodd too strong but Daniel again levelled with a solid 3-1 over Loveridge (3-3).  Now we played our ace with Wiktor against Olly and a good 3-0 win secured the point.  Myles found Ogier too strong but we'd done enough to maintain our one point advantage over them.

Beat BATTS II 7-1   As we were playing BATTS, Guernsey were beating a three-man Ormesby team on the adjacent table.  So we ensured our Play-Off place with a win here. Wiktor beat Jared Patel and Alex Holland, Lloyd beat Luke Walsh but lost to an inspired Patel. Daniel beat Paul Beck and Walsh whilst Myles beat both Holland and Beck.

Full details of our season (tables, averages, scorecards etc.) can now be found on the Senior British League website HERE  

The 'Kingfisher Player Of The Season' is Wiktor Dzwonkowski .  Playing at No. 2 and winning 16 of his 20 matches is some achievement, however his performance is even more impressive when you consider that three of his four losses were at deuce in the 5th game!

Although not competing this weekend, we should also recognise that Charlotte Carey, Conor Edwards, Martin Chodounsky and Dean Cundy have all played their part in our success with valuable contributions - without any of these we wouldn’t have made it.


Play-Offs for a Premier Division Place

Now we head to the Play-Offs at Ormesby over the weekend of May 19th and 20th.  Please put these dates in your diary - it'll be tough and the team will need all the support we can get.

It’s a six team league, with three matches on Saturday and two on Sunday; two teams are promoted to the Premier Division.   We believe our opponents will be:

♦  Halton I (Tomasz Rzeszotko, Richard Lightowler, Keith Williams, Michael Moir)

♦  Derwent I (Matthew Dodds, Stephen Horsfield, Mark Short, Richard A Smith)

♦  BATTS I (Sean Gibson, Ashley Stokes, Martin Kubrt, Jimmy Walsh)

♦  York Gardens I (Kim Daybell, Chris Lewis, Redlig Emil and Will Bayley)

♦  Ormesby I (Mike Marsden, Patrick Thomas, Yongbo Zhang, Simon Noutch)

If you're interested in supporting Kingfisher at the Play-Offs, contact Team Manger Colin Dyke for details ... you'll be very welcome!

Author: via Kingfisher Table Tennis Club
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