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Kingfisher Grand Prix, sponsored by Tees Sport  

See below for reports on each of the 2012 tournaments, which began on Monday May 14th.

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Daniel Moses retains Grand Prix Title

Daniel Moses retains Grand Prix title   Daniel Moses retains Grand Prix title   


To David Wright, Sports Editor, Reading Post.

TABLE TENNIS        (by Roger Woolven-Allen) 

Kingfisher Grand Prix:  Tournament 12:

The Kingfisher Grand Prix Championships are over for another year.  In what is arguably the most prestigious out-of-season table tennis event in the whole of England, Daniel Moses emerged a worthy champion.

It is true that, for the second week running, Moses lost the final match of the tournament to Junior international Liam McTiernan, but the Earley teenager has won six of the twelve events - an amazing achievement in itself - and amassed some 1201 Grand Prix points in the process.

McTiernan, winner of the final event - in which double points were awarded - was first of all drawn against Eric van Looy.  The Woodley youngster defeated his Maidenhead-based Belgian opponent in three straight games 11-6 11-4 11-5.  In the second round, McTiernan found himself up against Frimley’s Graham Outrim and, although the Hampshire veteran fought well, the England Junior went through in three straight games 11-6 11-8 11-8.  Whitley’s Daniel Grover fell to McTiernan at the quarter-final stage, again in three ends, while Reading’s Hari Gehlot fared no better in their semi-final clash.

In the final itself, Daniel Moses, as expected, put up a tremendous fight but, although the points were shared, it was McTiernan who took the title in four close games.

The final of the twelfth consolation event was contested between Sharon Mitchell and the highly-talented Frenchman Jean-Noël Thepaut.  Because of the huge number of entries, the consolation matches had been reduced to the “best-of-three” and Thepaut took out his lady opponent by the comfortable scoreline of 11-8 11-5.

Hamilton Road’s Hari Gehlot maintained his overall second place on the leaderboard, while McTiernan’s latest victory resulted in the teenager moving up into third position, usurping Oxford’s Elson Costa in the process.  Considering that McTiernan has only played in five events, this was an incredible performance indeed.

Caversham Park’s Sharon Mitchell achieved an impressive tally of 58 points in the final Tees Sport-sponsored tournament, maintaining her lead over Tilehurst’s Wendy Porter and thereby securing the 2012 Lady’s trophy.

In addition to taking third prize overall, Liam McTiernan also lifted the trophy for “Top Junior”, beating his younger brother Daniel by 236 points.  13-year-old Daniel, though, recognised for his cheerfulness and sense of fair play while on court, was deservedly awarded a special trophy for being the series’ “Most Sporting Player”, while the “Best Performance” award went to Leo Long.  The 14-year-old from Newbury, during the course of the championships, had defeated many top Reading Division 1 players, including Eric van Looy and Stuart Williams.

Towards the end of the proceedings, the trophies and awards were presented to the winners by sponsor Andy Yon.  The overwhelming feeling by all present was that the Championships had been a great success and the players are already looking forward to the Kingfisher Grands Prix of 2013.

Results of Final Tournament 12:

Quarter Finals:  Liam McTiernan bt Daniel Grover 11-8 11-4 11-2; Daniel Moses bt Daniel McTiernan 14-12 13-11 11-7; Hari Gehlot bt Elson Costa 11-6 11-9 11-5; Michael Childs bt Niall McGrane 11-8 11-4 14-12.

Semi Finals:  L McTiernan bt Gehlot 11-5 11-3 11-2; Moses bt Childs 8-11 11-5 9-11 11-6 11-9.

Final:  L McTiernan bt Moses 8-11 11-4 11-9 12-10.

Grand Prix Points After Tournament 12 (final event in series): 

Moses 1201,   Gehlot 901,   L McTiernan 756,   Costa 620,   Reynolds 532,   D McTiernan 520,   King 319,   Civil 303,   Organ 258,   Heaps 254,   Rosinski 250,   Thepaut 249,   Outrim 247,   Mitchell 238,   S Williams 222,   Woolven-Allen 215,   Dyke 213,   Porter 193,   Childs 192,   Yon 169,   McGrane 159,   Bennett 140,   Gostelow 136,   Dobbins 126,   Burns 126,   Long 122,   Dorrington 119,   Fifield 112,   Gallen 101,   Grover 101,   Pack 99,   Houghton 93,   L Williams 88,   Diplock 87,   Duncan 84,   Liu 70,   Wedi 56,   Ayres 52,   Jack 28,   van Looy 26,   Albelo 25,   Pusey 21,   Farnworth 15,   Gafarov 10.

(Roger Woolven-Allen, for the Reading Post, 1st August 2012)

d McTiernan, who plays for Englandat Junior level, was drawn against Hari Gehlot, one of the very top players in the Readingleague.  Paradoxically, this match proved to be the closest and most exciting of the evening.  The match went the distance with McTiernan scraping home 12-14 11-9 11-7 8-11 11This solitary win has pushed McTiernan from nowhere at all into eighth place on the leaderboard.  Moses, however, still remains at the very top, with Gehlot behind him and Costa in third place.  But, if the Woodley youngster makes another appearance, everything could so easily change.Quarter Finals:  Nick Heaps bt Joshua Gallen 11-9 11-8 11-9; Liam McTiernan bt Colin Dyke 11-3 11-9 11-3; Daniel Moses bt Trevor Organ 11-4 9-11 11-9 11-4; Elson Costa bt Bradley King 12-10 11-7 11-... Report of Tournament 3 (28th M... Report of Tournament 1 (14th May 2012)

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Final:  McTiernan bt Costa 11-4 11-5 11-6.

Grand Prix Points after Tournament 4:  Moses 376, Gehlot 283, Costa 233, D McTiernan 205, Heaps 161, King 156, Dyke 123, L McTiernan 113, Civil 105, S Williams 91, L Williams 88, Reynolds 87, Dobbins 86, Woolven-Allen 86, Rosinski 79, Porter 77, Mitchell 75, Fifield 72, Bennett 52, Organ 48, Yon 45, Thepaut 39, McGrane 36, Gostelow 36, Burns 34, Gallen 27, Ayres 27, Diplock 26, Grover 23, Dorrington 21, Pusey 21, Duncan 20, Farnworth 15, Albelo 13, Wedi 12, Houghton 1, Gafarov 0. 

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