Senior British League - Great start by our team !!!


by Colin Dyke, Team Manager (for full write up, see next newsletter)

What an amazing weekend, I don’t think our players read the scripts. We went in to the first set of four matches over the weekend of 15th and 16th September 2012 at St. Neots Table Tennis Centre with everyone giving us little chance, particularly as we didn’t have our No 1 Garry Dodd available.  But our team of Richard Andrews, Wiktor Dzwonkowski, Lloyd Gregory and Conor Edwards fought like tigers and earned us three draws. Yes, that means we only lost one match all weekend and that by the slimmest of margins 3-5. And, dare I say it, with a little bit of luck we could have done even better.

St Neots is a great venue. The noise of supporters watching four matches at a time was deafening and we did our fair share. The team really supported each other and the results below followed.

Kingfisher 3 - Ormesby  5

Barrow Tornadoes 4 - Kingfisher 4

Wymondham 4 - Kingfisher 4

Kingfisher 4 - Fusion 4

We left the venue a bit deflated yet we had three points. The gloom didn’t take long to lift when we realised what we had achieved. Richard at No 1  and Conor at No 4 had each won 5 out of 8, terrific performances at this level. Wiktor (3/8) and Lloyd (2/8) had given excellent support. We lie 5th in the table and now have to wait until 15th/16th December for the next round of matches at the Halton Regional Table Tennis Centre in Widnes.  Hopefully we will make more progress although we have the three leading teams to play that weekend and it will again be tough.  Let’s hope they will be leading no longer afterwards.

 Current Table:

                                  P          W         D          L          F          A          Pts
B-BATT Pavilion I         4          3        1          0          22        10          7

Ormesby I                   4          3        1          0          21        11          7

Sycamore I                 4          2        2          0          22        10          6

Wymondham               4          1        2          1          18        14          4

Kingfisher I                 4          0        3          1          15        17          3

Fusion I                       4          0        2          2          13        19          2

Drumchapel Glasgow I  4          1        0          3          10        22          2

Barrow Tornadoes I      4          0        1          3            7        25          1

To see detailed results of all the matches, player averages, interviews and photos etc. turn on to the brilliant Senior British League website   or, for live reporting, follow on Twitter via @BritishLeague

Author: via Kingfisher Table Tennis Club
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