Change to table layout and practice duration

As it is intended that, for the most part, there will be just two league matches an evening for the coming season, the Committee wishes to try a new table format.  This format acknowledges that not only is our club used for league and competitive play but it is also a practice and training facility. There will be two ‘courted’ tables for match play: Tables 1 and 2.

Tables 3, 4 and 5 will remain up for practice or training without barriers.  Note - always check the Table Diary to confirm that facilities have not been booked.  As we are increasing the number of practice tables available, table use must be limited to sessions of 40 minutes maximum (whether for practice, training or 1:1 coaching), if other members are waiting to play.

Obviously, there will be occasions, such as weekend competitions, when the playing hall will revert to a fully-courted, four-table facility but, for the most part, the Kingfisher Club will be a five-table venue.

The situation will be monitored to see if any serious difficulties arise because of this change.

Peter Charters


Author: via Kingfisher Table Tennis Club
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