The move date for the club is 24 and 25 May and no access to the existing building will be possible from Monday 26 May as the site will be handed over to the contractors for demolition. Please ensure any personal effects are removed from the club latest  Sunday 25 May.  





The new clubhouse will have a mobile phone in place of the current landline . The  new number is  0743 4586 247 and is operational now.


All members will be issued with an access fob which will be needed to enter the new club house. This fob replaces your current small Yale key, which should be exchanged/returned to Sandra Shepherd the membership manager who subject to AGM approval is expected to take over from Eric.  Sandra will advise member direct on date/time for exchange of key/fob.

The existing large mortise key will still be valid for the new club house with its use exactly the same as the old building (last person leaving building locking up and first person in morning opening up). Subject to AGM approval it will be a requirement for all members to now have a key and fob and  member who does not currently subscribe for a key set  will need to apply for one for the 2014-2015 season, paying the appropriate deposit.

The new fob has been introduced for a number of reasons;

  • To increase security
  • To avoid our current annual key change
  • To manage temporary membership
  • To help optimise the use of the club
  • To help reduce the administrative work load of adding/ removing members

Each fob has a unique number which will be registered to a member. Family members can request additional  keysets paying the appropriate deposit.

Member access to club house

The new club house being situated next to the Goals football centre and on the direct pathway to the school will mean that a lot more people will be in the vicinity. If the current open door policy was to remain in operation this could pose a security concern.   For this reason the door should not be fixed open.

The first person entering the club will need to unlock the door using the mortise key and then present their fob against the access reader with the next person only needing to present their fob to the access reader. Please register your attendance at the club using the reader as this helps to understand utilisation of the club, i.e. don’t tail gate.

Non-members access to club house

For visitors an intercom system has been installed to enable guests to identify themselves. Members just need to press the exit button to allow guests to enter.  A door spyhole has also been requested  to allow visual verification if required.

Exiting the building

Just press the exit button. The last person leaving the building will need to lock door using mortise key.


Car parking arrangements are being clarified but in the meantime we suggest you should park in the Goals/Bulmershe School car park on the right, follow sign shown below, or if this is full, one of the nearby spaces.


The main playing area has a sprung floor with a top cover which is designed specifically for table tennis use. This high standard flooring provides excellent  playing conditions  but it does require careful attention  when tables, chairs or score tables are moved.  Sports shoes only allowed in playing area, strictly no stiletto heels.  A daily sweep of floor will be required to keep surface in top condition and avoid grit causing permanent scratching to surface.   Further information on use and care/maintenance of playing surface will be provide at the club.


New lights have been installed  to provide consistent lighting levels for four table layout to competition standard. A fifth row of lights  has been provided to cater for additional table(s) in practice layout..  The switching control system for lighting is very similar to old clubhouse. Last member leaving club will need to ensure that lights are switched off in main playing area and that master switch next to exit door in social area is switched off.

Lighting in new stores room and ladies/accessible facility  is automatic .

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