Week 12 Report

3 August 2015


Week 12 and it seems like a very short time since we started our Grand Prix 2015 series, but here we are, already on Finals Night! Not surprisingly there was a good turnout for this round, with the top 4 contending players on the leaderboard all in attendance. Even though it was the last in the series, we still had a couple of new faces - Liam McTiernan finally making his 2015 debut along with new club members, Robert Gladstone and Mihajlo Raljic.

Grant Wheatley had a very close match with division 1 player Stuart Williams in the first round. Stuart took the first end 11-9. Grant took the next 12-10. Stuart answered this with 11-4 but Grant came back with his own 11-4 reply. A very close 5th end resulted in a 12-10 win for Stuart.

The last 16 saw an epic match take place between Liam McTiernan and Martin Adams. Martin started strongly and went 2-games up and was close to making it 3, but Liam wasn’t going to let it go that easily and came back to take the third 11-7, the 4th 11-9 and the final end 11-6.

The main event semi-final match between Daniel Moses and Ian Girdler saw some brilliant counter-topspin play between the pair. In the first game it was neck and neck most of the way. Then Daniel really got into his stride, making some incredible retrievals including a superb rally which concluded with a fantastic ‘round the net’ shot that had to be seen to be believed.

In the consolation event, Katie Shepherd scored a 3-1 win over John Priddle. The last time they met was in Week 8, where John had taken the first two games and Katie came back to win 12-10 in the 5th. This time Katie took the first end 11-6. John answered with 11-5 in the second. A pivotal 3rd end saw Katie win 12-10 and then 11-6 in the 4th end.

Eduard Caliman had a good run in the consolation round, dispatching Mihajlo Raljic in 3 (11-4, 11-4, 11-7) and then Jim McAllister in 3 (11-7, 11-7, 12-10). Next he faced Richard Fifield who took the first end 11-6, but Ed came back strong to take the next 3 11-2, 11-6 and 11-5. This brought him to the consolation final where he faced Trevor Organ. Trevor's unique style of play didn't seem to phase Ed and he completed his run with another 3-set win (11-2, 11-6, 11-7).

In the main event with Martin Gunn having taken out Hari in the quarter final and Ian Girdler taken out by Daniel Moses in the Semi-final, Martin Gunn faced Liam Mctiernan in the other Semi-final. The first two ends were very close, with Liam just taking them both 12-10. Martin answered back with 11-7 in the third end. The 4th end saw another extremely close game, with Liam eventually taking it 13-11 to book his place with Daniel Moses in the final, which he won in 3 games - 11-8, 11-7, 11-9.

Results: GRAND PRIX NO 12

Main Event. Last 16:

Hari Gehlot bt Rick Leachman 3, 5, 6
Martin Gunn bt Melvyn Lovegrove 2, 6, 6
Bernhard Schnederle bt Joe Barraclough 4, 4, 7
Liam McTiernan bt Martin Adams -7, -10, 7, 9, 6
Richard Rosinski bt Eduard Caliman -9, 4, 8, 7
Daniel Moses bt Djordje Milovanovic 6, 5, 10
Ian Girdler bt Stuart Williams 9, 6, 7
Steve Miller bt Robert Gladstone 8, -7, 6, 8

Quarter Finals:

Martin Gunn bt Hari Gehlot 9, -5, -13, 9, 5
Liam McTiernan bt Bernhard Schnederle 1, -11, 2, 7
Daniel Moses bt Richard Rosinski 4, 4, 10
Ian Girdler bt Steve Miller 6, 6, 3

Semi Finals:

Liam McTiernan bt Martin Gunn 10, 10, -7, 11
Daniel Moses bt Ian Girdler 7, 8, 1


Liam McTiernan bt Daniel Moses 8, 7, 9

Consolation Event:

Semi Finals:

Eduard Caliman bt Richard Fifield -6, 2, 6, 5
Trevor Organ bt David Joyce 6, -3, 7, 8


Eduard Caliman bt Trevor Organ 2, 6, 7

Download Results:

Grand Prix Placings at Week 12 (PDF)

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·      1st in main competition - Ian Girdler with 967 points
·      2nd in main competition - Hari Gehlot with 858.5 points
·      3rd in main competition - Martin Gunn with 798 points
·      4th in main competition - Daniel Moses with 731 points

·      Top female - Gwynne Penny with 253.5 points
·      Top junior Boy - Daniel McTiernan with 388.5 points
·      Top junior Girl - Katie Shepherd with 122.5 points

·      Most promising junior - Harry Munro
·      Best junior performance Josh Gallen, beating Ian Girdler 14-12 in the fifth, week 10

Thank You

·      A big Thank you to Grand Prix hosts Wendy Porter and Andrew Parker for all their hard work organising and running the event again this year.
·      Thank you to Andy Yon for sponsoring and organising the trophies and medals.
·      To Roger Woolven-Allen, Colin Dyke and Gwynne Penny for producing weekly ranking list and event reports and accompanying photographs.
·      Finally, thank you to all the Kingfisher players who have taken part and made it another great Grand Prix, with an excellent standard of play.
·      Good luck to everyone in the upcoming season!

About Kingfisher Grand Prix

Kingfisher Grand Prix ran for 12 consecutive weeks from Monday 18 May to Monday 3rd August, 2015.

·      Total number of matches played - 431  

·      Number of members participating - 57  

·      Most popular weeks - Week 4 with 31 entries, Weeks 9 and 12 - 30 entries.  

·      Week 7 saw the fewest entries (19). 

·      Four players attended all 12: Steve Miller, Gwynne Penny, Joe Barraclough and David Joyce.  

·      Player who scored the most points with the least attendance: Liam McTiernan 1/224  

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