Kingfisher Grand Prix 2016 - Week 2 Results

23 May 2016

Week 2 of the Kingfisher Grand Prix brought 18 entrants with a couple of notable exceptions as Martin Gunn and Hari Gehlot were both absent.

In the last 16, Trevor Organ drew series leader, Daniel Moses, who played a pretty much textbook game, using short touch play to bring Trevor in close and then driving him back out long with well placed shots, including a couple of spectacular ‘around-the-net’ shots.  Trevor kept fighting until the end but didn’t manage to push Daniel beyond 3 games.

Mark Banks had a clear run through against Steve Miller and Joe Barraclough but couldn’t keep his winning streak going when he came up against Martin Adams in the Semi-Final who was still fresh from a 3-game win over Krassi Ivanov.

Daniel didn’t give an inch of leeway to Martin Adams in the final, and took the 2nd week top slot in 3 games (11-8, 11-4, 11-6).

In the consolation event Tony Reynolds breezed through Gwynne and Trevor in 3 straight apiece to secure his slot in the final against Simon Vine, who had beaten Ian Cole in 4 and Rick Leachman in 3 to reach the final.  The final was well fought, with close games but ultimately Simon didn’t quite manage to push it into a 5th set, going out 10-12 in the 4th.

Daniel Moses continues to lead the series with 264 points, 121 ahead of Mark Banks with Simon Vine, Tony Reynolds and Martin Adams completing the top 5.

Results - 2016 GRAND PRIX NO 2

Main Event

Last 16:

  • Daniel Moses bt Trevor Organ 5, 6, 9
  • Trung Tran bt Simon Vine 6, 5, 13
  • Andrew Parker bt Rick Leachman 9, 6, 10
  • Richard Fifield bt Gwynne Penny 8, 5, 6
  • Martin Adams bt Nigel Keedy 0, 7, 4
  • Krassi Ivanov bt Ian Cole 5, 6, -10, 4
  • Joe Barraclough bt Sagar Sawant 2, 6, 8
  • Mark Banks bt Steve Miller 4, 3, 3

Quarter Finals:

  • Daniel Moses bt Trung Tran 3, 9, 6
  • Andrew Parker bt Richard Fifield 8, 10, -8, 5
  • Martin Adams bt Krassi Ivanov 7, 7, 9
  • Mark Banks bt Joe Barraclough 3, 8, 7

Semi Finals:

  • Daniel Moses bt Andrew Parker 8, -10, 5, 4
  • Martin Adams bt Mark Banks 4, 4, 5


  • Daniel Moses bt Martin Adams 8, 4, 6

Consolation Event

Semi Finals:

  • Simon Vine bt Ian Cole -9, 2, 10, 4
  • Tony Reynolds bt Trevor Organ 7, 5, 8


  • Tony Reynolds bt Simon Vine 9, 7, -6, 10

About Kingfisher Grand Prix:

·      Eligibility: open to all members of Kingfisher Table Tennis Club.

·      Register in person on the night by 7:30pm. 

·      50p entry fee per week payable on the night. 

·      Straight knock out competition with a random draw each round. 

·      Consolation event for first match losers, so everyone is guaranteed at least two matches.

·      Points system for both winners and losers. 

·      Weekly league tables and regular write-ups. 

·      Losing players to umpire. 

·      Prizes for various categories of members. 

·      Friendly atmosphere with nibbles for all.

Kingfisher Grand Prix 2016 is sponsored by Blue Jelly Solutions

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