Kingfisher Grand Prix 2016 - Week 3 Results

30 May 2016

Week 3 of the Kingfisher Grand Prix and things are already hotting up with 18 entrants which included a returning Martin Gunn and first appearance by Robert Gladstone.

In the last 16, Robert Gladstone and Joe Barraclough (who regularly train together) battled it out to a 5-setter of close matches, with Rob clinching victory in the 5th 11-8.  This put him into the quarter finals up against Daniel Moses who put an end to his first Grand Prix run in 3 games (11-4, 11-8, 11-5).

After last weeks’ defeat in the final, Martin Adams was determined for a better result when he met Daniel Moses in the Semi-Final.  Martin took the first end 11-5, Daniel came back to take the next 11-5.  Martin replied with another 11-5.  Daniel then took the next game 11-8, setting things up for an exciting 5th set, which Martin won 11-9.

Meanwhile, Martin Gunn saw off Sagar Sawant and Mark Banks in 3 straight before meeting Harry Munro in the semi-final, which saw Harry put up a good fight in the third game, (11-9) to push it to 4.  This week Martin was equipped with both hard bat and reverse rubber blades, starting the evening  knocking up with reverse but switching back to hard bat by the time he met Martin Adams in the final. 

Martin Adams, fresh from taking out Daniel Moses was on fighting form and marched on through the final against Martin Gunn, taking the Main Event win in 3 sets, 11-8, 11-7, 11-8.

In the consolation event all of the matches were decided in 3 sets, apart from the semi final between Ian Cole and Trung Tran which went to 5 and brought the watching crowd some great fast counter-topspin exchanges with both players using all of the available court.  In the 5th end, after battling hard, Trung’s determination paid off and he secured his place in the consolation final with an 11-2 win.

Trung then met Steve Miller in the final and continued to show good form, taking it in 3 straight (11-7, 11-5, 11-6).

Daniel Moses continues to lead the series with 331 points, 96 ahead of Martin Adams who has now overtaken Mark Banks  (193).  Martin Gunn moves up into 4th position on 164 points and Trung Tran’s victory in the consolation brings him into the top 5. 


Main Event

Last 16

  • Mark Banks bt Steve Miller 8, 4, 2
  • Martin Gunn bt Sagar Sawant 8, 8, 4
  • Harry Munro bt Melvyn Lovegrove 8, 4, 9
  • Rick Leachman bt Gwynne Penny 7, 3, 7
  • Martin Adams bt Yonatan Slobodskoy 4, 10, 3
  • David Joyce bt Jim McAllister 9, 7, 8
  • Robert Gladstone bt Joe Barraclough -9, 8, -9, 7, 8
  • Daniel Moses bt Ian Cole 8, 10, 8

Quarter Finals:

  • Martin Gunn bt Mark Banks 5, 6, 8
  • Harry Munro bt Rick Leachman 6, 6, 8
  • Martin Adams bt David Joyce 3, 2, 2
  • Daniel Moses bt Robert Gladstone 4, 8, 5

Semi Finals:

  • Martin Gunn bt Harry Munro 3, 1, -9, 3
  • Martin Adams bt Daniel Moses 5, -5, 5, -8, 9


  • Martin Adams bt Martin Gunn 8, 7, 8

Consolation Event

Semi Finals:

  • Trung Tran bt Ian Cole 8, -8, 9, -5, 2
  • Steve Miller bt Yonatan Slobodskoy 5, 6, 8


  • Trung Tran bt Steve Miller 7, 5, 6

About Kingfisher Grand Prix:

·      Eligibility: open to all members of Kingfisher Table Tennis Club.

·      Register in person on the night by 7:30pm. 

·      50p entry fee per week payable on the night. 

·      Straight knock out competition with a random draw each round. 

·      Consolation event for first match losers, so everyone is guaranteed at least two matches.

·      Points system for both winners and losers. 

·      Weekly league tables and regular write-ups. 

·      Losing players to umpire. 

·      Prizes for various categories of members. 

·      Friendly atmosphere with nibbles for all.

Kingfisher Grand Prix 2016 is sponsored by Blue Jelly Solutions

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