Kingfisher Grand Prix 2016 - Week 6 Results

20 June 2016

The attraction of England v Slovakia in the football Euros proved too much for some of the Grand Prix contenders on the evening of Grand Prix No 6, resulting in a poor entry of 12. However, it made up in quality for its lack of quantity and there were some cracking matches and performances.

New member Dmitry Khakhamov started proceedings against Trung Tran in an excellent match, but in the end succumbed in three close games.  Josh Gallen showed only promise  against Martin Adams but will learn from the experience. It was left to Hari Gehlot and Tony Reynolds to close this round with a fine counter hitting match closed out by Hari in the end by 3-1.

Some fairly one sided quarters saw Gehlot, Adams and Moses go through whilst Steve Miller did his best to extend Trung Tran to a fourth but just missing out.

Some great play in the first semi saw Trung Tran push Martin Adams all the way and could have easily gone 2-1 up before having to settle for a 3-1 defeat. In the other semi Hari Gehlot threatened a revival against Daniel Moses but the latter dug deep to clinch the fourth and a 3-1 win.

The final was a classic with neither player giving any quarter with every shot looking a winner but coming back more times than not with even more control. Martin managed to level the scores at both 1-1 then 2-2 but in the end the pressure told and Daniel sneaked home at 8 in the fifth. In the after match interview, they both concurred that it was probably the best final of the series so far and Daniel admitted that it could have gone either way.  Both agreed that there had been some fantastic rallies and Martin graciously congratulated Daniel on his win.

The win meant that Daniel surged a further 24 points ahead of Martin to maintain his lead. Current  Top 4 standings: Daniel Moses 670, Martin Adams 519, Trung Tran 335, Hari Gehlot 299.

An excellent performance in the consolations saw Josh Gallen beat Dmitry  Khakhamov  and Tony Reynolds in the quarters and semifinals respectively, both by the tightest of margins 3-2 and 9 in the fifth. He went on to beat  Richard Fifield to take all points in the final. Josh now trails Jo Barraclough in the Under 21 category by 70 points.


Main Event.

Last 16:

  • Trung Tran bt Dmitry  Khakhamov  6. 10, 11
  • Hari Gehlot bt Tony Reynolds  -7, 5, 5, 6
  • Martin  Adams bt Josh Gallen 2, 7, 5
  • Daniel Moses bt  Richard Fifield 7, 5, 7

Quarter Finals:

  • Hari Gehlot bt Yonatan Slobodskoy 4, 6, 8
  • Daniel Moses bt Jo Barraclough  5, 9, 3 
  • Martin Adams bt Trevor Organ  4, 6, 5
  • Trung Tran bt Steve Miller 4, 6, 11

Semi Finals:

  • Martin Adams bt Trung Tran -9. 3, 11, 7
  • Daniel Moses bt Hari Gehlot 6, 7, -7, 7


  • Daniel Moses bt Martin Adams 5, -6, 9, -11, 8

Consolation Event:

Semi Finals:

  • Richard Fifield bt Jo Barraclough 8, -3, 6, 6
  • Josh Gallen bt Tony Reynolds 9, -9, -9, 10, 9



  • Josh Gallen bt Richard Fifield  5, 7, 7

About Kingfisher Grand Prix:

  • Eligibility: open to all members of Kingfisher Table Tennis Club.
  • Register in person on the night by 7:30pm. 
  • 50p entry fee per week payable on the night. 
  • Straight knock out competition with a random draw each round. 
  • Consolation event for first match losers, so everyone is guaranteed at least two matches.
  • Points system for both winners and losers. 
  • Weekly league tables and regular write-ups. 
  • Losing players to umpire. 
  • Prizes for various categories of members. 
  • Friendly atmosphere with nibbles for all.

Kingfisher Grand Prix 2016 is sponsored by Blue Jelly Solutions

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