Kingfisher Grand Prix 2016 - Week 12 Results and Final Placings

1st August, 2016

Week 12 and the finale of the 2016 series, with double points on offer saw 17 players keen to compete.  

Andrew Parker hosted the event, giving Rick Leachman a well deserved break.  Outside the rain poured down whilst inside the four players at the top of the leaderboard had a clear run through the last 16 to reach the latter stages of the primary event.  Daniel Moses dropped just 8 points in 3 sets as he took out Guy De La Villesbrunne, Hari Gehlot saw off Trevor Organ in 3 sets, Martin Adams took out Nigel Keedy in 3 sets: 11-3, 11-8, 11-2 and Trung Tran saw off Gwynne Penny 11-5, 11-6, 11-9.

The Quarter Finals were also settled in straight sets with Daniel Moses seeing off Richard Rosinski and Hari Gehlot making great use of placement around the table to take out Joshua Gallen 11-8, 11-8, 11-4.  On the other side of the draw, Trung Tran took out Andrew Smith 11-5, 11-4, 11-6 with some great counter-hit rallies between the pair and Martin Adams closed out Rod Kay 12-10, 11-3, 11-7.

The first 4-setter of the evening came in the semi-final between Martin Adams and Trung Tran with Trung taking the first leg 11-7.  Martin replied with 11-8, 11-9 and 11-6, seeing him safely through to the final.  Meanwhile, Daniel Moses confidently took on Hari Gehlot with a 3-set win 11-2, 11-5, 11-7 to book his place in the final.

The final showdown between Martin Adams and Daniel Moses was a fitting series main event finale.  At 12-12 in the first leg it was clear this was going to be a hard fought battle and impossible to predict which way it would go.  Both players made full use of the available court space and there were some fantastic counter-spin rallies with Daniel retrieving the ball from seemingly impossible positions at times.

After a narrow defeat of 14-12 in the first leg, it was neck and neck all the way but Martin kept battling away and took the 2nd leg 11-9.  Daniel replied with 11-6 in the third leg.  In the fourth another close leg saw it go Martin’s way – 11-9.  In the 5th,, at the change over of ends, Martin was 5-2 up.  He then steadily built on his lead and Daniel missed several crucial shots from deep which helped Martin to cruise home 11-4.  Even with double points on offer this was not enough for him to close the gap overall, but it brought the tally of matches between the pair in the series to 9, with Martin Adams winning 5 times and Daniel winning 4 times.

Grand Prix Final Martin Adams vs Daniel Moses

In the Consolation event there was a great battle between Richard Fifield and Robert Gladstone : a 5-setter that could have gone either way.  Richard took the first leg 11-4.  Rob came back with 11-7 and 11-6.  Richard then took the 4th leg 11-5.  In the 5th leg it was extremely close with Richard eventually winning through 12-10.  Richard then went on to meet Steve Miller and had another 5-set match, coming back from 2 legs down, taking the 4th 14-12 and winning in the 5th 11-3.  Meanwhile, Nigel Keedy won in 5 over Trevor Organ, having lost the first 2 legs.  He then took out Rick Leachman in 3 to book his place in the Consolation final with Richard.  In the final match, the first two legs were close, going 11-9 and 11-7 in Richard’s favour.  Nigel fought back to take the third 11-8.  Richard then closed him out in the 4th, 11-4.

Results - 2016 GRAND PRIX NO 12

Main Event

Last 16:

  • Richard Rosinski bt Steve Miller 8, 10, 4
  • Daniel Moses bt Guy De La Villesbrunne 2, 6, 0
  • Hari Gehlot bt Trevor Organ 4, 1, 12
  • Joshua Gallen bt Richard Fifield 5, 6, 6
  • Trung Tran bt Gwynne Penny 5, 6, 9
  • Andrew Smith bt Robert Gladstone 7, 8, 5
  • Rod Kay bt Rick Leachman 10, 9, 7
  • Martin Adams bt Nigel Keedy 3, 8, 2

Quarter Finals:

  • Daniel Moses bt Richard Rosinski 3, 5, 2
  • Hari Gehlot bt Joshua Gallen 8, 8, 4
  • Trung Tran bt Andrew Smith 5, 4, 6
  • Martin Adams bt Rod Kay 10, 3, 7

Semi Finals:

  • Daniel Moses bt Hari Gehlot 2, 5, 7
  • Martin Adams bt Trung Tran -7, 8, 9, 6


  • Martin Adams bt Daniel Moses -12, 9, -6, 9, 4
Martin Adams - Main Event Winner
Martin Adams - Main Event Winner

Consolation Event

Semi Finals:

  • Nigel Keedy bt Rick Leachman 5, 8, 10
  • Richard Fifield bt Steve Miller -9, -2, 3, 12, 3


  • Richard Fifield bt Nigel Keedy 9, 7, -8, 4
Richard Fifield - Consolation Event Winner
Richard Fifield - Consolation Event Winner

Final Standings and awards after 12 weeks:


  • 1st: Daniel Moses – 1250 points awarded £110 and the 2016 Grand Prix trophy
  • 2nd Martin Adams – 1178 points awarded £60
  • 3rd Hari Gehlot – 759 points awarded £30
  • 4th Trung Tran – 689 points awarded £15


  • 1st Joshua Gallen – 433 points awarded £50 Bribar Voucher


  • 1st Gwynne Penny – 335.5 points wins £25

Best Performance as judged by the organisers:

  • Harry Munro for his 3-2 win over Tony Reynolds in week 8 - awarded £50 Bribar Voucher

Thank you to Blue Jelly Solutions for sponsoring the Kingfisher Grand Prix 2016.  Thank you to the organizing team: Colin Dyke, Andrew Parker, Rick Leachman, Roger Woolven-Allen, Gwynne Penny, Melvyn Lovegrove and Andy Yon. 

But most of all thank you to all the players that competed in great spirit to make this a fantastic Grand Prix Series.

Daniel Moses 1st Place
Daniel Moses 1st Place - 2016 Kingfisher Grand Prix

About Kingfisher Grand Prix:

  • Eligibility: open to all members of Kingfisher Table Tennis Club.
  • Register in person on the night by 7:30pm. 
  • 50p entry fee per week payable on the night. 
  • Straight knock out competition with a random draw each round. 
  • Consolation event for first match losers, so everyone is guaranteed at least two matches.
  • Points system for both winners and losers. 
  • Weekly league tables and regular write-ups. 
  • Losing players to umpire. 
  • Prizes for various categories of members. 
  • Friendly atmosphere with nibbles for all.

Kingfisher Grand Prix 2016 was sponsored by Blue Jelly Solutions


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