Coaching at Kingfisher

Kingfisher Table Tennis Club has a long standing ethos of coaching and player development. We are proud of the fact that because we are able to offer excellent practice and training facilities, more of our members have received international recognition than any other UK club of comparable size.

Coaching at Kingfisher

At the highest level table tennis is one of the world’s most dynamic and athletic sports. It is a complex sport requiring speed of movement as well as quick mental reactions, fitness, strength and yet a fine touch is also required. This is all needed to reach the highest levels but even to be a good local player requires sporting skills and fitness.

Kingfisher aims to create an environment where young and committed players are given the opportunity to reach their full potential in the sport of table tennis. We aim to help our young players develop technical, tactical, physical and mental skills. Also essential is the opportunity to spend the quantity and quality of table time each week,  necessary to reach full potential.


Licensed coaches

At Kingfisher, coaching and training is delivered by the following Table Tennis England Licensed Coaches. Peter Charters, Alison Broe, Graham Outrim, Tom Maynard and Gwynne Penny. To obtain this licence these people have to hold an English Table Tennis Association or UKCC coaching qualification; have a DBS (formerly CRB) certificate, have attended a First Aid and Safeguarding Children course, all in the last three years plus have attended CPD activity each year.  The Coach Licence then provides the coach with insurance cover.

As professional coaches, Alison, Graham and Tom offer one to one individual coaching to both juniors and seniors. Paid coaches require a Kingfisher Permit from the club to use the facility for profit. This one to one coaching at Kingfisher is by arrangement at a mutually convenient time and will depend on the availability of a table.

Club members who do not hold a valid Coach Licence, but who offer paid sparring/coaching are not covered by insurance.   The licensed coach’s insurance does cover paid sparrers/coaching assistants working under their direction whilst they are present.   The Club’s insurance will not provide cover in these situations.

Also, whilst we encourage young players to use Kingfisher to practice with each other, this should be in the presence of a parent or a responsible adult. Parents must accept responsibility that this is adhered to.

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