Y&T V-989E Robot



The club has purchased a new table tennis robot for use in coaching and by members in improving their technique and footwork.

Setting up

The robot, model V-989E by Y&T, is now available for use by club members who have been instructed on its setup and functions.  Once the overview is completed you will be issued with the combination code to access to unit.  See the list below for members who can provide training in how to use the robot.

Members who can advise on robot use

  • Allen Pack
  • Nick Heaps
  • Andy Yon
  • Hari Gehlot
  • Ramesh Gehlot
  • Richard Fifield
  • Graham Outrim
  • Allan Bruton
  • Gwynne Penny

Robot rules

All members who use the robot should adhere to the following commonsense rules:

  1. Return the unit to the store room after use
  2. Be considerate of other players, don’t setup or use adjacent to match play
  3. Pick up all the training balls
  4. Unless reserved in advance i.e. coaching use, restrict to 20 minute sessions when other members are waiting to use the unit

Report any problems to a committee member or email allen.pack@orange.com.

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