Teams for W D TT League

Division One

Saints  Peter Ainsworth (c), Ian Wolstenholme (vc),  Minh Le,  Neville Patterson, Andrew Morley(support).

Division Two

Dragons   Chris Garfin (c) Gary Chadwick (vc)  David Mawdesley,  Lee Smith .

Titans  Wayne Nolan (c) Peter Libbey (vc) Callum Nolan, Robson Atherton, Colby Casey.

Slayers  Scott Crielly (c) Malcolm Rumsey, Bill Smith, Tony Dootson  Peter Freeborn (support for Dragons as well).

Scouts  Adam Barclay (c) Adam Davies (vc)  Josh Clarke , Sam Perkin, Rob Bannister ( Organiser ).

Division Three

Knights   Kevin Meredith (c) Neil Sunderland (vc) Dave Morris, Mark Woodland, Michael Snape, Max Boardman.

Crusaders   Gill Bannister (c) Dave Haines (vc) Jonathan Melling, Thomas Cuthbert, Evan Mcmahon, Jacob Whitworth, Dave Hollingworth. Lynda Hayes (support)

Raiders  Geoff Hayes (c) Frank Judic (vc) Jamie Barton, Lewis Turner, Martin Lui, , Ian Davies. Paul Kelly (support )

Home nights

Dragons and Scouts Monday    -    Saints  Monday

Slayers and Titans  Wednesday   -   Knights, Crusaders ,Raiders  Wednesday

Please note there will be no training on Wednesday nights just league matches.

Training Monday at Miners number of tables depending on who's at home and Thursday at Toch H training only.

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