Teams for summer league 2018

Teams for summer league 2018 fixtures will come out soon:- They may be changes still got to confirm a couple of players....

Division One

Teams are ranked as per the players averages in 2017/18 W&DTTL....based on this format

team ranked One as player Rank 1 ( No1's)   Rank 4 (No2's)    Rank 3  (No3's)   Rank 2 (No4's)

team ranked Two as player Rank 2 ( No1's)   Rank 3 (No2's)    Rank 4  (No3's)   Rank 1 (No4's)

team ranked Three as player Rank 3 (No1's)  Rank 2 (No2's)   Rank 1 (No3's)    Rank 4 (No4's)

team ranked Four as player Rank 4 ( No1's)   Rank 1  (No2's)   Rank2  (No3's)  Rank 3 (No4's)

 teams                number One's            number two's            number three's           number four's

1 Dragons:-   1 Chris Naylor          2  David Mawdesley / Jim Bolton  3 Lee Smith ( capt )  4 Peter Libbey

2 Saints :-       1 Peter Ainsworth ( capt )     2  Callum Nolan              3 Chris Garfin     4 Adam Davies

3 Titans:-         1 Neville Patterson ( capt )   2  Ian Wolstenholme    3 Martin Machin   4 Gary Chadwick

4 Crusaders:-    1 David Jones                2 Steve Murphy               3 Wayne Nolan ( capt )    4 Sandra Moss

David Mawdesley may be unavailable for some games so Jim will play when David doesn't. 

players on stand by Jacob Whitworth, Dave Goulden & George Lennon 

Division Two

Teams are ranked as per the players averages in 2017/18 W&DTTL ....based on same format above

 teams                number One's            number two's            number three's           number four's

1 Raiders:-  1 Scott Crielly ( capt )      2 Bill Smith          3  Geoff Hayes           4  Bill Osborn

2 Slayers:-    1 Dave Morris ( capt )    2  Mike Snape     3  Jonathan Melling   4  Martin Lui

3 Templars:-  1 Malcolm Rumsey ( capt )   2  Sam Perkin    3  Kevin Meredith    4  Gill Bannister

4 Knights:-    1 Mark Woodland ( capt )    2  Neil Sunderland     3  Thomas Cuthbert   4 Dave Hollingworth

 players on stand by Frank Judic, Dave Haines, John Fowler

Division Three 

teams                number One's            number two's            number three's          

1 Catalonians:-  1 Bill Osborn ( capt )         2 Ivan Barson          3  Sue Graves    

2 Scouts:-    1 Dave Hollingworth ( capt )   2  Keanu Libbey     3  Alex Miko  

3 Saxons:-  1 Gill Bannister ( capt )             2  Ryan Warhurst    3  Paul Kelly

I'm please to put this division in, hopefully it will bring these players on for next season in W&DTTL

Once again the teams look very evenly balanced, with the bookmakers making Titans / Dragons joint favourites for Div One

Div Two... Slayers could regain their title yet again, can someone stop them? William Hill stop taking bets on Raiders its believed a big Oil tycoon placed a huge bet after he couldn't buy Wembley.

Div Three to close to call hope you all have fun and play well don't forget enjoy this league and play with a smile on your face no matter want the score...... 




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