AGM minutes

Leigh St. George Community Table Tennis Club AGM

Held 8.00pm 25 July 2018 at Leigh Miners Welfare Club


The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting with 23 members present.

The following committee was appointed,

C Garfin         Chairman

Peter Ainsworth       Vice Chairman

Gary Chadwick         Secretary

Gill Bannister                     Treasurer

David Haines                        Welfare Officer

David Hollingsworth                        Seniors Co-ordinator

Youth Rep’    Adam Davies

The following new positions for additional Committee members were appointed,

David Mawdesley    Webmaster

Kevin Meredith         Press Officer

Geoff Hayes  Rules/Umpire (Recently passed level 1Umpires badge)

Peter Libbey              Sponsorship and support by Neil Sunderland

Scott Crielly               Level 1 Coach

Leigh Spinners Mill Project Development

The Chairman with the aid of a detailed floor plan explained to members the current position regarding progress of moving into the mill, a general discussion took place about numerous matters and importantly the additional cost the club would incur by the proposed move. It was anticipated that the Seniors group would move at the beginning of October 2018 to be followed by club practice nights. For the forthcoming season commencing in September in the W&DTT League, all matches would still be played at the Miners on Monday/Wednesday evenings.

Treasurers Report

As the meeting was held before the end of the financial year (31 August 2018) It was not possible for the Treasurer to summarise the accounts in detail, except that it was  noted the club had £ 2416.87 in the current account and cash in hand of £50. It was also noted that due to administration difficulties, the club had closed its account with Santander and opened a new account with Lloyds.


The following subscriptions were approved for 2018/2019  commencing  1 September 2018.

Adult full Playing Member  £65

Junior full Playing Member          £48  

Senior Membership  £48

Non-members playing for the club £49 (if EETA fee paid by on their behalf by other club).

Training sessions for non-club members at the Mill would be set at £3 for a 2 hours session.

Summer Competition, it was proposed and agreed to open up the completion to anyone who wished to play from other local league clubs, using the same format with matches played at the Miners on Monday/Wednesday evenings during summer months. Cost charges to non- members playing in the Comp’ £15.

The Xmas Handicap will be played at the Mill, the Club will provide the buffet and a cost of £3 will be charged.


The Club Annual Presentation Night is planned for the last week in September/first week in October, proposed to increase the cost of the event to £5, a Race Night is also planned in early January 2019. It was additionally suggested that a Lottery or Football Pontoon maybe run, further conversations are required on how best these would operate.

Club Development

The Club has set a high priority to start a schools league once we are in the Mill, we intend to have an open night and a launch to send flyers off to all local schools in the Community who may wish to participate in the event that will be played one night a week using the National Junior League card format. This importantly would bring an inflow of junior talent into the club.

It was approved that any new members would be subject to an induction process to assess their ability.



LSG Seniors Group

Another successful year was reported with further new members welcomed into the group, which averages between 18/22 in attendance each week every Thursday between 1.0pm and 3.0pm. Thanks were expressed to club playing members who attend the sessions and help with the organisation/coaching of members. The group still has light refreshment in the mid-session interval and good fellowship is had by all. It is an inclusive group and our newest member who plays from a wheelchair has been warmly received into the Seniors Group. In view of the nature and development of the group when the move is made to the Mill it will be promoted as ‘’LSG TT Seniors Bat and Chat Group’’.


The club Web Administrator David Mawdesley gave an update regarding the new legislation that came into force on 25 May 2018, and explained the complexities of what is involved, in order for the club to be fully compliant with the new legislation and personal information both he and the Club Chairman will be our appointed Data controllers.

WDTT League Teams for Season 2018/2019

The Chairman explained to the members the teams who will represent the club in the forthcoming season.

Division 1      LSG Saints   

Division 2      LSG Titans LSG Dragons and LSG Slayers

Division 3      LSG Crusaders LSG Knights and LSG Raiders

The allocated playing nights for each Team will be announced after the League fixture consultation.

Safeguarding and Behaviour

There was nothing to report on these items except the Chairman commented on how good the behaviour was of all members in the club.


David Goulden a club playing member and recently appointed Vice Chairman of TT England presented the Chairman Chris Garfin with a certificate for the ‘Pride of Table Tennis ‘it is an award for the volunteer of the year. David nominated Chris for the award for all the exceptional work he does for the club and the League itself.

It was also noted that two club members David Haines and David Hollingsworth had recently completed the Manchester to Blackpool cycle event, with the moneys from sponsorship being donated to the Leigh and Wigan Hospice, both where  congratulated for their effort.

In order to increase club funds members present were encouraged to join Easy Fundraising an app where money spent on line with an array of Companies that will give a percentage spent back to the club.

For the season 2018/2019 the club are having new tops, the polo neck being £15 and the shirt £12, these will be on sale shortly and the prices confirmed on the club website, the club motif will now be embroidered on the shirt.

It was noted the Leigh MP Jo Platt and Rebecca Heron Wigan Council’s Director of Economy are visiting the Mill on1 August 2018, the club will be represented by the Vice Chairman and the Press Officer to meet them and future tenants, a good PR opportunity for the club.


K Meredith

27 July 2018

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