Kennon and Riley Cup Competitions

Raptors and Morecambe A end Season as Cup Winners!


The Riley and Coronation Cup competition Finals bring the season to a close where each competition is played as a series of 9 matches with 2 ends each played up to 21. Each side has five serves each and no requirement to win by 2 clear points. This year we see Ken Richardson’s young Morecambe A side giving the seasoned Trimpell Dragons side a 50 point head start in the Riley Cup competition. The match was evenly matched to begin with Dragons still 41 points ahead after 4 games. Adam Dennison then made short work of Geeza Bilton, clawing back 20 points before Joseph Dennison had a great result gaining another 10 points against Dragon No 1 player Derek Metcalfe. With 3 games to go Trimpell were ahead by 9 points but quick wins in succession for Bethany Ellis against Bilton, followed by Joseph Dennison against Graham White meant Dragons had to keep Adam Dennison in single figures to avoid defeat. The match ended with Morecambe A winning 368 points to Dragon on 340 points.


In the Coronation Cup, Garstang Anihilators had a 35 point advantage over Trimpell Raptors. Raptors wasted no time in recovering the points advantage from Anihilators with wins from Toby Ellis over Matthew Westworth and Paul Stebbing over Mike Armishaw and by the time Dave Gott had won his first game over Tom Clark Raptors were ahead by 19 points. The game went much as expected from this point albeit a notable with for Matt Westworth over Dave Gott giving Anihilators the faintest of chances. The match ended with Raptors winning 321 points to Anihilators 274 points with a game in hand, leaving the handicap committee in crisis as to how to adapt the existing handicap system to counter Raptors dominance in the competition.


The match officials were Graeme Moorby and International referee Robert Williamson. At the end of a well-attended evening the prizes for the Coronation and Riley cups were presented by President David Hughes who also presented the Premier League Title Trophy to Raptors Captain Paul Stebbing.

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