Season 2020-21 update
Following a recent zoom meeting with Lancashire and TTE officials I can now update players with the latest information. TTE has been receiving increased pressure from community centres regarding a return to play date and there is now an indication that the government may be making an announcement in mid July regarding indoor sports. In addition to the impact on county matches and national tournaments, recent polls indicate there will be a loss of local league players, teams and venues with the uncertainty around the use of school venues and large halls used by many leagues. With this in mind individual leagues are considering various contingency plans for the  forthcoming season. An example of these are as follows:-:-
1. Delay the start of the season and extend the season (large leagues are prepared to continue into the summer)
2. Reduce teams to 2 a side. ThIs would cover the loss of teams, help with social distancing and if required you could play 2 matches on the same  table i.e. early match followed by later match or play together with alternate games from Match 1 and Match 2 
3. Short season perhaps only playing a team once  
4. No doubles (this may be mandatory). 
Author: via Lancaster and Morecambe Table Tennis League
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