1. HANDICAPPING COMMITTEE – The committee is responsible for all handicapping and reserves the right to revise the competition formats during the season. Team Handicaps can only be calculated for participating players. If a team is a player short then each of the missing player’s games are conceded.

2. KENNON TROPHY & PLATE - Individual handicaps. Current formats are 9 x singles, 11 or 21 pts up (normal deuce) with 2 or 5 serves. Each set is the best of 5 or 3 games and each game starts at individual handicaps or handicap difference


If both players are on double figure handicaps start each game at handicap difference and play up to 11.  First team to win 5 sets is the winner.

 3. CORONATION & RILEY CUPS - Team handicaps. Current format is 9 x singles, first to 11pts (no deuce) with 2 serves. Each set consists of 3 games and each game starts at 0 v 0. All points won are added to team handicap to decide winner.

 4. ELIGIBILITY – Player’s can only play for one team per event.

If playing up for a team in a different comp then check with Match Sec for relevant handicap.A team conceding or claiming a match must name their players on the match card.  The named player’s will become cup tied and unable to play for other teams in the competition. If no players are named the Match Secretary has discretion to allocate names.

5. TIE BREAKER (Team handicap) – In the event of a tie, the Away team as indicated in the cup draw are the winners

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