9th November 2012

Table-tennis Report

9th November 2012

Leamington made a great start to their Midland Veterans League Division 3 campaign with a 7-3 success over Cheltenham, this after trailing 0-2. Malcolm MacFarlane, Steve Proctor and Murray Stevenson all chalked up two wins and the latter pair took the doubles.

Tenth ranked England Junior, Laurence Sweeney, made a rare appearance in his home town for St. Georges B, his two wins helping his team to an 8-2 win against Potters Green. Mark Jackson posted an impressive treble and Matt Man won twice but Gokhan Aydogdu proved a thorn in their side taking two very good scalps. Rugby A have stormed to the top of the table and eclipsed Wellesbourne 10-0, Jesse Kendrick-Hill, Matthew Outhwaite and James Ward the triumphant trio. Trebles from Matthew Jordan and Earl Sweeney saw St. Georges A home 6-4 against WCC A. Colebridge B’s Mike Rinnhofer and John Taylor both notched doubles but fell 4-6 to Potters Green for whom Andy Woodcock was unbeaten. Second played 4th when Colebridge A entertained WCC A but it was almost one way traffic as the home side won 9-1 with Michael Browne and Ian Ferguson taking threes and Kate Hughes 2.

Other results: St. Georges B 7 (Jackson 3, Man 3 +D) WCC B 3 (3 conceded): St. Georges B 7 (Jackson 3, Sweeney 3 +D) Rugby B 3 (3 conceded); Colebridge B 4 (Vikas Bakshi 1, John Chandler 1, Rinnhofer 1) St. Georges B 6 (Jackson 3, Man 3 +D)

In Division 2 strugglers Free Church C were delighted to earn a draw at Eathorpe A with Solomon Hayes in unbeatable form. Anthony Smith had a vital win and helped Hayes to the doubles. Chris Atkins and Andy Baruch both won twice and young George Allison chipped in with a single for the home team. Enigmas have their eye on a swift return to Division 1 and roasted Whitnash A 9-1, Gary Jackson 3, Dong Wei 3, Steve Proctor 2 +D. St Georges D took 8 points off Nomads A, Kevin Finn and Jimmy Pittaway unbeaten. Top placed Free Church B whitewashed St. Georges E, Jeff Harris, Michael Ho and Luke Spencer in unforgiving form. Hugh Matthews joined Harris and Spencer to inflict the same medicine on FC C. Second placed Rugby C took out Eathorpe A 8-2 with Niall Herbert and Anshul Satsangi unbeaten.

Other results: FC D 7 (Scott Delday 3, Lee Dorning 2, Roald Myers 2) Whitnash A 3 (Richard Smith 2 +D); Enigmas 6 (Proctor 2, Wei 2, Malc MacFarlane 1 +D) Phoenix 4 ( Paul Calloway 3, Roy Joiner 1); St. Georges E 2 (Andy Caine 1, Rob Warnes 1) FC D 8 (Timmy Cooper 3, Delday 2, Myers 2 +D); St. Georges D 2 (Will Fletcher 1 +D) Rugby C 8 (Herbert 3, Satsangi 3, Lilley 2).

Snitterfield A look likely to challenge for promotion in Division 3 and Rugby D witnessed their intentions first hand, losing 1-9. Stuart Ayres and Tim Fell mustered hat-tricks and Dave Milton took 2. Flavels edged Whitnash B 6-4 thanks to a Trevor Bradley triple and a brace from Roger Potts. Len Coonan 2, Greg Swan and Jayne Fitton replied. Whitnash then upped their game to snatch a draw against high flying WCC C with Len Coonan nailing a hat-trick. Nomads A were 7-3 victors over their C team thanks to Steve Poole’s treble, Ian Stevens 2, Darren Hadley 1 plus the doubles. Free Church E have gone top, seeing off their G team 7-3, Chris Blowey and Kim Wong totting up their points. Martyn Todd’s threesome plus the doubles kept WCC C at bay 6-4 for FC H. Derek Harwood (2) was Council’s main protagonist.

Other results: Rugby D 7 (Danny Orr 2, Jo Outhwaite 2, +3 conceded) Flavels 3 (Mick Bennett 1, Potts 1); FC H 2(Harry Purewal 1, Kit Turner 1) FC E 8 (Blowey 3, Wong 3, John Taylor 1 +D); FC F 2 (Lleryn Gardner 2) Nomads B 8 (Stevens 3, Hadley 2, Poole 2 +D); Nomads C 3 (Christian McMorran 2, Richard Miles 1) Snitterfield A 7 (Robert Poole 3, Ayres 2, Milton 1 +D);

In Division 4 Eathorpe B have soared into second place with a 10-0 drubbing of Free Church K. Sophie Cooper, Paul Deavall and Michael Rossington were full of praise for their young opponents but showed no mercy. However Eathorpe will have to battle with Free Church J who went top after defeating the villagers 6-4. Tom Harris was in tremendous form to take all his singles. Adam Cofler added 2 and Roger Palmer 1. J in turn fell 4-6 to 3rd placed FC I for whom Sam Weaving maintained his 100% average . Ben Haigh won twice and the pair took the doubles. Ashorne A defeated another young team, Rugby E, 8-2. The experienced Steve Bolton secured his 3 and Chris Bowles and Roger Kelley recorded 2 each but there were pleasing wins for Millie Bradshaw and Emma Kilpatrick. Emma Kilpatrick showed what a talent she is when taking all 3 of her team’s points against Eathorpe B. WCC D were close to denting FC I’s unbeaten campaign, going down 4-6. Mark Bridgeman won twice and David Dunn and William Hung won once but none could master Weaving who took his customary 4 points to tack on to 2 from Ben Haigh. Finally, FC J triumphed 7-3 over Ashorne with Tom Harris getting 3, Roger Palmer 2 and Adam Pulman 1.

Snitterfield C are pushing for topspot in Division A and Henry Lu’s two plus the doubles saw them conquer Ashorne B 3-2. Steve Handsley and Tony Philpott took matters to the wire. However, they couldn’t defeat FC L who hung on to the lead with a 3-2 victory, despite Lu posting 2. Keith Knott and Tony Williams were not to be denied. Eathorpe C beat FC M 4-1 with Dave Hawker unbeaten.

Other results: Ashorne B 1 (Handsley) Eathorpe C 4 (Hawker 2, Richard Freeman 1 +D); FC L 5 (Keith Knott 2, Tony Williams 2 +D); FISCC 1 (Mark Jones 1) Snitterfield C 4 (Lu 2, Peter Vale-Humphries 1 +D);

Author: via Leamington Table Tennis League
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